Friday, 5 March 2010

Don't Touch That Light Switch.

Anyone who thinks it's easy sitting in judgement on The BBC and its terrifying power need only consider the case of inveterate bias-spotter Roland Deschain. Roland's net-name is a homage to a fictional gunslinger. Seems like he's fixing to sort out a messa trouble down the schoolhouse. Sheee-it.

It's depressing.

That's what Biased BBC is here for. To depress us all.

Only today I find that my daughter is expected to learn a passage for her school assembly urging us to turn our lights out for an hour...

Slippery slope. She'll be asking you to turn the heating down a gnat's, next.

to support the WWF…

Hideous. Who's its shit-stirring president again? Billy Bragg? Or Polly Toynbee? Oh… it's HRH Princess Alexandra.

and show we "care about climate change".

Cos we don't. End of.

And when I point out to her that it may be a load of claptrap, she stomps off in the huff.

It's not too late to disinherit her. She doesn't deserve you.

I wonder how much indoctrination has gone on before I've found out about it.

Simple test: Does she offer to walk to the shops rather than demand a lift? If yes, you've lost her. For good.

I will of course take it up with the school,

Perhaps you could suggest they leave their lights on for an hour longer than usual. Take a stand for common sense.

but sometimes you feel you're just pissing in the wind.

You could leave your lights on all the time. That would teach them.


  1. The younger generation have always pinched the bridges of their noses and muttered, "Oh, for fuck's sake..." when their parents start on something.

    It'll go on forever, or until someone decides that sterilisation is green and abortion is eco-friendly.

    That's ™ Doug Stanhope.

  2. Traditional Orange Coloured Gentleman5 March 2010 at 15:50

    It's fucking frightening

    (scroll down until you see Troll. Jesus' fuck but that is ugly and fucking frightening as is the picture of his missus

  3. Hey,
    Listen to QT as broadcast tonight and also tomorrow and see if the bbc have totally and utterly overstepped their bias remit.
    Hopefully senior management redundancies and P45's at bbc will be in the given out this year.
    Possibly the only good news of 2010
    My advice is to complain, complain and complain but in an intelligent positive manner.

  4. Hey,

    Turn off all the broadcasting equipment in the house, nail your balls to a bit of two by four, then go and show your neighbours' children.

    Hopefully you'll get sectioned and you'll never make a fucking stupid comment like that again.

  5. She'll be asking you to turn the heating down a gnat's
    sort dissertation