Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Why Immigration Is Bad (Exceptions May Apply)

It is vital that the right people stand up to be counted in the war against the dreadful threat posed by The BBC and its evil influence. David Vance, is of course, the standard-bearer in this crusade, but he keeps honourable company. One such is the entrancing social commentator Pete Moore, star turn on Mr Vance's Irish blog.

Pete's thoughts on Immigration:

Our liberties have been destroyed because of immigration.

immigration was the pretext for you and me to me made less free.

Not only did this terrible regime sustain a wave of immigrants, it used this tide to legislate against the British people and their birthrights.

The case for a complete halt to all immigration, without exceptions, from either country, is impeccable… along with a programme of mass deportations.

On foreigners:

I'm happy to insult and ridicule foreigners wherever I find'em. It's the natural state of affairs

I'm flying back down there this weekend for a proper holiday of sunbathing, boozing, eating and being rude to the Dagos

You'll recall it was the British Empire, old chum, and plenty of Jocks, Taffs and Paddies did their fair share of civilising the wogs.

On democracy:

This morning this was reported on BBC radio that the "far-right" had hijacked the Armed Forces. Great I thought, we're long overdue a patriotic revolt and a patriotic coup by HM Armed Forces is just the ticket.

Roll on the coup d'etat.

Any plans, then Pete, now that you've made your feelings about foreigners, those who settle in other countries and, erm, democracy so delightfully clear?

I'm thinking of packing up and shipping out.

At least you're not an economic migrant.

I'm hugely depressed about the state of this place and not in the mood to shoulder the £25K debt our lunatic politicians have put on me.

So long as you don't actually emigrate anywhere, you'll be entirely consistent in your views.

I'm thinking British Columbia more than anywhere else. How's life there?

Tolerant. Democratic. Liberal. You'll hate it.

The USA doesn't want me, preferring Bolivians and Turks instead. Plus the economy's knackered.

Burma it is, then.


  1. That guy is brilliant.

    It's the classic angry right wing mindset these days; "this country is shit, and full of foreigners, so i'm gonna bugger off to be a foreigner somewhere else...".

    Lucky residents of British Columbia.

  2. "The case for a complete halt to all immigration, without exceptions, from either country, is impeccable… along with a programme of mass deportations."

    Which two countries would these be, then? And does that mean we don't have to halt immigration from everywhere else? Hurrah!

  3. He'd be right at home in some Teabagger's gathering in a good'ol boys' town in the Confederacy....

  4. Love the immigration problem many members of the blogosphere face. Not the ones about white people falling off the White Cliffs of Dover because of all the brown people in Birmingham, but the fact that they're so fucking useless and underqualified that no other country would ever have them. If you add to that their overinflated sense of self importance, then you're in for disappointment all round when they finally realise all of this.

    Of course, the very idea couldn't take hold in their brains, so the fact that America won't have them is reduced to them only taking brown people.

    Let's also throw into the mix any of the EU countries they could migrate to... if they didn't hate the EU so much...

  5. Tolerant. Democratic. Liberal. You'll hate it.

    But the Canadians just love xenophobic right-wingers. They're known for it.

  6. David Vance writes on his Irish blog

    "I think you should read this.

    I see a problem. Someone who 'hates' the BBC is flagging it up again with their mug shot all over this. Can anyone help me understand this?

    I have another problem, here, there is a notice which reads David Vance is standing for the Traditional Unionist Voice in East Belfast. This is his election blog, but which blog is it, or is it all of them. Perhaps you could give him a little room here and some help in his election campaign? Will you make a donation to his Irish blog to save Britain?

  7. David's about to lose his deposit.

    Or someone's deposit.

    Not that I particularly like Robbo, but Vancey's about to get roundly buggered in that election.

  8. He's running for Parliament...dear god.

    Any opponent of his just needs to spend 5 minutes on B-BBC for ammunition.

  9. Traditional Orange Coloured Gentleman5 March 2010 at 14:37

    Not that I particularly like Robbo,

    ahh but according to Vancey Robbo has something he does not have - mrs robinson - not like our dear hillery-arious!

    He's running for Parliament...

    David Vance Britains' last standing bulldog. Dig deep, no pennies rattling, paper money only and give generously, donate button on Irish blog.

  10. You're right, of course, Orange Gentleman, but Vance is too fucking stupid to realise that a cheating, mentally ill spouse isn't the kind of thing that reflects badly on the whiter-than-white Peter Robinson. In his voter base, not only have the DUP got rid of what a lot of people considered to be their greatest liability - Iris - but Peter is now a fucking saint.

    If Vance had the ability to see past his own hatred and stop wanking himself to death over his schadenfreude, then he'd realise that banging on about how Robinson's wife is a hypocrite and cheated on him is going to help him win fuck all, and just wind up showing what a nasty vindictive person he can be.

  11. Traditional Orange Coloured Gentleman6 March 2010 at 14:39

    Jesus how do you think Vance will fair in his endeavors for parliament. I know that he tried before and didn't get far. I don't know the area where he wants to stand, what is it like? Will be be a politician in the making in this election?

    I've heard rumours that he is looking to stand for parliament as his business is in free fall,and this is what changed his mind about joining the expenses spending class, is this true? I don't know enough about Belfast, but those are the rumours within business circles re entering politics.

  12. Belfast East has been held by Peter Robinson since 1979. It's been a two-way toss-up between the UUP and the DUP since forever, although now the UUP has joined forces with the Tories there's a chance that protest votes might go to the DUP.

    They're unlikely to go to the TUV though; or if they did, the votes wouldn't go to Vance because he's competing in an arena with serious, respected politicians and personalities with experience in the Commons, local government and community groups.

    ..while Vance is just some kind of marketing windbag sewer blogger, too stupid to realise that you're not supposed to pay people to publish your book, and who wants to prolong hatred and violence in areas where people are quite frankly sick to fucking death of it. If his comments on the internet don't bite him on the arse, it'll be because the portion of the electorate that votes for him is the Mail reading minority that agrees we should be lining up at (a Protestant) church on Sundays and should never, ever, EVER make compromises for the sake of peace. The Thatcherlovers in UKIP, who'll fail just as drastically in the next election too.

    My cat has more chance of winning a seat in Parliament than Vance. And he's not even a British citizen.