Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bambi Loves Rottweilers

Being a bias-hunter carries with it certain duties: Keeping up with politics, broadcasting issues, and how the two interact, for example. Good to see that the industrious Biased BBC commentator Cassandra King is at the top of her game just now:

The BBC hardtalk charade interviewed conservative front bench spokesperson for culture Jeremy Hunt,

Excellent. The Tories' man on the front line of broadcasting policy.


Good to see that Biased BBC keeps up with politics.

yeah me too!

Especially broadcasting politics.

It was Ashcroft ad nauseum with a Hunt out of his depth and looking llike Bambi faced by a rottweiler in a bad mood.

Odd for an interviewer to put the Tories' big problem of the week to a front-bencher. Even odder that the shadow minister should find it hard to deal with.

Mr Hunt is a big fan of the BBC it seems,

You don't...

its a national institution


and he seems to labour under the BBC peddled myth that we all love and cherish the BBC,

…that rational people value the BBC?

a Tory fawning and waxing lyrical

Wait a minute: He was a helpless creature about to be devoured by a devil-dog a second ago.

about a BBC that hates and despises the entire right wing and the Tories in particular

Or. Possibly. Not.

certainly rings alarm bells with me.

Could be reality dawning. Perhaps?

To see a so called Tory doe eyed and defensive and unsure of his own position was sad to see but indicative of Camerons Tory party, frightened rabbits with lots to hide, bumbling fools who appear to be nothing more than lightweight puppets with all the substance of a morning mist!

Can we stick to a single metaphor here? I'm happy with Bambi being best friends with Rottweilers.

You just know that if the Tory leadership are intent on creeping to the BBC there is something very very wrong about the Tory leadership.

There again, Cassandra, you're intending to support the BNP. Whose leaders' relationship with The BBC you can more readily savour.

As can the rest of us.


  1. Surely we should have a Biased BBC poster of the month contest?

    Cassandra's a short-list contender: Ignorance, Inconsistency, Fringe Politics and the Ulterior Motive of painting the mainstream right as inadequate to look after us all...

  2. Good to see that Roland Deschain, star of your recent post on his daughter's environmental studies, is taking his lead from your blog.

    From today's Biased BBC: a comment I made last week about my daughter's school being roped in to support WWF's World Earth Hour. It will be a matter of principle to turn all my lights on at the appointed hour.

    Good to see common sense prevailing.

  3. The problem is without Mr Vance it's rapidly turning into the Israel/Climate Change Show as Sue and Robin alternate rambling posts of a certain, strongly-held, point of view.
    At this rate the only relief from the two of them will be Vance's weekly spleen-vent at Nicky Campbell's Big Questions every Sunday morning.

  4. Now that David Vance is trying to be a politician, I think that he will start to put distance between himself and B-BBC. Whether this is his own idea or whether it was ... ehem... suggested to him by the TUV leadership, I couldn't say.
    However, in a very smug sort of a way, a few months ago on this site, I did suggest to DV (yes, he does read this blog!) that B-BBC would become an embarrassment to him: There was no mention of B-BBC in the TUV's press-release on DV's appointment.
    However, to be fair, DV may be genuinely very busy preparing to lose his deposit for East Belfast.

  5. Not sure about that, Apricot. All the signs are that Vance's homeboys in the TUV are playing to a very narrow slice of voters, whose views the TUV assumes to be as reactionary, fearful and suspicious of outsiders as their own. Holding their first big meeting in an Orange Hall sent the message that inclusivity is for wimps. Surely the same fear-driven, deeply conservative and exclusive worldview of Biased BBC suits that demographic just fine?