Friday, 31 July 2009

Aliens Want My Kidneys

Vintage Biased BBC wordsmith Cassandra takes his (or her) name from ancient myths, and is thus a source of quality who can be trusted. No worries at all that the ancient Cassandra was a prophetess doomed never to be believed.

Lately, (s)he's been recommending Jewish posters to pal up with the BNP, a party unfairly tarnished by the BBC and its hate-mongering allies as descended from antisemitic goons like the National Front. Of course they're not like that:

British Jews are perhaps the most productive and law abiding and loyal the British nation has ever absorbed, whereas the muslim hostile colonists are among the most disloyal,unproductive and lawless we have been forced to accept.The hard left islamist axis would be almost soley to blame for attacks (on Jews), the BNP is wholly supportive of the British Jews and Israel and the vast majority of Brits have a fondess for our Jewish kin.

Today, Cassandra turns his/her gaze on equally deep matters: Organ transplants.

Many parts of the world have ready access by the way of relatives and the trade in fake relatives is big business

I bought mine on eBay.

there is big money to be made getting sick people into the UK

It's called QueasyJet.

who then go straight from the airport to the hospital.

The M4: Ambulances nose-to-tail.

The BBC makes no mention of the number of non nationals awaiting transplants on the NHS and I winder why that is?


I also wonder why they only concetrate on those able to pay their way?I suspect that if the real figures were made availible there would be a scandal of epic proportions, foreigners never having contributed a penny able to push British nationals down the list, how many of our own have died while being psuhed down the queue?

Cassandra, can I ask a delicate question? Is there a vested interest here?

Exactly where are you on the remedial spelling queue?

Shouting At Americans Is Wrong

In the charge-sheet of the BBC's offences against the British citizen, one moment of shame is darker than all others. We refer, of course, to the sheer poison the BBC drips into national life with every episode of New Tricks. It might look like one long Werther's Original advert - old codgers getting under the feet of shiny new people and coming up trumps every time to solve crime. But it is treachery. And Nearly Oxfordian can barely keep his emotions in check.

Can someone who knows how to do it start a thread about the vile New Tricks, please?

Your wish is our command.

This has become a dramatised version of the worst mouth-foaming...

Amanda Redman? James Bolam? Surely not?

the worst mouth-foaming anti-American, unlimited Third World immigration stuff we see in the Guardian:

Oh....The Guardian. It doesn't get much worse.

(1) an American legally living in the UK is shouted at

That can't be right. There's a law against it, surely.

.... by the vile Amanda Redman

Some men pay good money for that sort of thing.

But how distressing all the same. Perhaps she thought he was Canadian? Like Neil Young... or Leonard Cohen?

...and told he is "a guest in this country and should behave himself"

Now you're having me on. The whole point of being a guest in someone else's country is that you behave. Like British teenagers in Malia. And stag parties in Prague.

(2) illegal Turkish immigrants are tipped...

Golden rule. Never tip anyone serving you in a kebab shop. They regard it as an insult. It's their culture.

illegal Turkish immigrants are tipped offed by the police (!)

Is tipped offed a Turkish phrase? Never come across it myself.

...and helped to disappear from Home Office detection.

Not sure I want Turkish illegals serving as detectives. They might confuse me by using phrases like tipped offed.

Utterly sick.

Up there with Lars von Trier. For sure.

On the other hand, Lars doesn't get Denis Waterman to sing his theme tunes. Which is why his films are usually better.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

So What If He Stabbed Himself?

Not since OJ Simpson - not even McCartney vs. McCartney - has a court case gripped its audience quite like the way The Crown v.
Hassan Butt fascinates Biased BBC.

Forensic genius George R took us through its textual significance earlier. Now Biased BBC's muscular ex-Muslim pounce_uk kebabs the BBC for the terror-loving Islamo-fascist love-in that it is:

How often have you seen a bBC headline which shouts out racist hate crime.

How odd. Not a single one on the BBC UK main news page today. Must be a quiet day on the racist hate crime front.

Be it a muslim getting shouted at, having a stone thrown at her or even not having enough coloreds at the bBC.

Coloreds? Would pink be OK?

The bBC is always on hand to make sure that whitey knows that only he can be racist.

Like In The Heat Of The Night. Without Sidney Poitier's charisma.

Today the bBC reports on how a muslim terrorist wannbe who objected to how his dentist brother was nicked for trying to run over a police woman. He seems that Mr Hassen Butt resorted to racist behavior in which to express his displeasure.
So how does the bBC report this case?

Bit more grammatically, we hope:
Man convicted of 'redneck' abuse

Strange how the bBC which has no problem informing the world of any past indiscretions of white people conveniently leaves out Mr Butts terrorist past.

Bastards. What is it?

this: In which Greater Manchester Police provides statements he signed confessing that he made up his stories about being a Jihadi to make money from the press. Even stabbed himself in the shoulder to convince people he'd been attacked.

Could it be they object to the 'T' word.

Twit? Twat? Tool?

The Ba!!s To Say It

If democrisy means anything, it's that every opinion gets it's place on the adgenda. However controversial. To do anything else would be hypocrasy. Which is what the BBC do.

If there's one thing that Biased BBC wins hands down, it's giving open house to interesting ideas. Unlike the BBC's leftie-riddled Have Your Say.

Stubaby writes:

I've just had this comment rejected by BBC's Have Your Say.
"How should we deal with drug dealers?
Cut their bo!!ocks off. This will act as a real deterrent and, even if they do re-offend, their children won't."

If you'd left in the bit about using a rusty razor, you'd be in. Sure of it.

This was a serious comments, worthy of consideration.

It's not you. It's them.

As usual they don't publish comments that do not suit their adgenda.

Which is to keep drug dealers fertile. Typical Beeboid!

Not only that, but they manipulate the results by delaying comment that they don't reject (but don't really agree with). They do this so that comments they do favour are displayed in the key positions to be voted for (at the top of the "Most Recent" or "Recommended" lists )

Stop. I'm losing faith. In everything.

Thankfully, Heads On Poles is around to offer support.

Just been reading that stubaby.

Thank God. A glimmer of hope. Even in this darkness.

Very liberal is the best that I can say about it and bent is probably the most accurate.

Accuracy is our byword. Liberal and bent it is.

Bet they don't publish my comment...

Remember to put in the bit about the rusty razor. Or the hungry piranha.

Either would be good.

Butt Butt Butt

Innocent BBC consumers frequently miss the amazing subtlety of its bias. They need a Zen Master in Readin' and Writin' to spot the subliminal vileness. Such a man is George R. In his hands, text is a weapon.

Here, he’s betting that the BBC won’t dare report a Telegraph court story about an Asian man convicted of racially abusing police officers:

BBC may have problem posting on following, because of:

1.)reference to non-white racism, which BBC prefers to ignore;

2.)use of word 'jihad', which, again, the BBC prefers to avoid in dhimmi fashion;

George, this BBC news story about the very same court case could be what you're looking for...

Plus a double helping...

Backing any horses this weekend? I wouldn't bother....

You make my point, but you don't see it.

Oops! My mistake...

The first BBC report you mention gives only half the story. In the BBC version posted at 9 pm this evening, the headline is :

1.) "Man convicted of 'redneck'

Last Thursday, the BBC had run with this headline:

2.) "Man denies 'redneck' abuse".

Yes. That's right.

(Note how BBC omits the words 'white' and 'hooligan' from its headlines, on both occasions.)...

In contrast, the 'Telegraph' has this: "Asian man who called policemen 'white redneck hooligans' is guilty of racism "

All bets are on.

George, this was your original point:

BBC may have problem posting on following, because of:

1.)reference to non-white racism, which BBC prefers to ignore;

The BBC does indeed refer to Hassan Butt's non-white racism. So it hasn't ignored it. Now you're complaining about the headline, not the story. As if that robs readers of knowing about Butt's full insult. Which is in the story itself.

There are two ways out of this impasse:

1. You could stop flogging a dead horse.
2. The BBC should simply copy its headlines (and, why not, the rest of its stories) from newspapers of which you approve.

I may be taking a risk here, but my bet is on your choosing option 2.

And, of course the 'Telegraph' refers to Butt's jihad book.

Up to a point. The Telegraph says that he admits making up stories to take money off the media. His proposed book on Jihad therefore sounds a little short of credibility.
 Perhaps we can agree on a compromise here: The BBC should be slapped down for ignoring a book by an acknowledged liar which claims he was a jihadist.

They might as well give back the licence fee and all go home.

Do yourself a favour. Stay out of the bookies.

Still defending the indefensible.

It's what we do.

BBC only emphasies 'redneck' not 'White, redneck hooligans';

You're right. All the bastards did was start their story with the following words:

A man who called police officers "white redneck hooligans" has been found guilty of making racist remarks.

Disingenuous. As ever. How do they sleep?

it is averse to emphasising a main part of the case which is ANTI-WHITE RACISM.

Agreed. Readers who read the opening line that he has been found guilty of making racist remarks for calling police officers white redneck hooligans would have no idea what he had been up to. 

And as for using the word 'jihad' -no mention from the BBC; the BBC butts out. 

Time for a new campaign: We want the BBC to mention jihad every time a convicted racist who has admitted he tells lies to the media for money claims to be writing a book about it.

I think we have reached a tipping point here, George, and I'm proud to be your partner in this moment.

I fancy Befuddled Grump in the 3.30 at Newmarket. I'll put a tenner on for you as a treat.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Is That A Coloured In Yonder Field?

Biased BBC loves multicultural Britain. The news that Patrick Younge, the BBC’s new programme-making boss, will insist that diversity targets are met has gone down well.

As has the fact that Mr Younge is black.

No, wait... there are a few tiny doubts.

Anonymous tries to get inside Mr Younge's head. The results aren’t encouraging:

in your face straight Christian white man.

Word Up, Bro!

Like or lump it.

Fo’ Real! (Isn’t an “it” missing there?)

If you don’t like it piss off and die.

They’re all stroppy, just like that.

I tell you what to do now, you are the slaves not me!

Ah….right. How does that work?

Careful my friend of the white native backlash, we have met dictators like you before.

(Sorry…. are we still Theophilis P Wildebeeste at this point? Or a Klansman trying to imitate a Victorian gentleman?)

Andrew “Piano Wire” South London has spotted more unfairness to white slaves: They’re not getting enough modelling work:

Perhaps I am the only one who is sick to death of merchandisers point-of-sale pictures of "half-caste" models?

Perhaps you are. And when did anyone last use “half-caste” without feeling a little queasy?

I know that description makes some people uncomfortable,

Agreed, then…

….but what else do you call models with near-European faces but afro-frizzy hair?

What indeed? Oh, I know: Models.

Amazingly, the BBC is in the thick of this shabby plot:

GCooper knows how:

as ever, Aunty is in there with the best of them. parachuting black and Asian news reporters and presenters into unlikely rural locations,

They may be born in Bradford, but they have no place in British barnyards.

And what’s that half-caste doing in Gloucestershire? With a microphone, of all things:


The Beebinator is trying to be constructive:

diversity eh?

Yes indeed. Glad you’re on topic…

how about nick griffin presenting news at 10?

Monday, 27 July 2009

Rope's too good for 'em

There will be no hiding place when the Biased BBC reckoning comes. And we know who'll be first on the list, thanks to Andrew South London.

(Remember when reading the following that Andrew was goaded beyond endurance not only by
West Country coppers embracing head scarves but also by the BBC's scandalous lack of respect for Sarah Palin.)

Andrew South London writes:

Remember who is responsible

We will. Oh, we will.

when they hand out the piano wire:

Piano wire?

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC News.

Wouldn't, you know, rope suffice?

when they hand out the piano wire: Helen Boaden, Director of BBC News.

Mmmmm. That it?

Her gushing Wiki omits to mention the salary you pay this witch

Probably for the best, considering the above.

but its published elsewhere as between £310,000 and £340,000. Ahem, plus expenses no doubt. Doesn't the liberal left public sector pay well?

Oh, but she'll regret every penny of it when the tumbrils roll. Every penny.

Avon & Somerset: The Final Confrontation

Biased BBC's star writer David Vance has been working himself up into a fine fury all day about the Foreign Secretary suggesting talks with the Taliban. And the BBC reporting of it. Naturally.

Then his co-conspirator George R hits a raw nerve when he brings the shocking news that Avon & Somerset Police will be issuing headscarves to female officers when they visit local mosques.

George R doubtless means well. But it was a bad move. Vance is headed for the keyboard. With extreme prejudice:

George R,

Having read the drivel from the likes of Medicated and Gosh, I think you are right. There are plenty who would sooner live under the joys of Islamic rule than support confronting and utterly defeating them.

Time to buddy up with Freedom-fighter Vance:


I too was shocked that police officers in the West Country might try to show some courtesy when entering local mosques.

As ever you sum it up brilliantly:

There are plenty who would sooner live under the joys of Islamic rule ...

I know it's only cops visiting the local mosque, but I think we'll all forgive a bit of overstatement...

There are plenty who would sooner live under the joys of Islamic rule than support confronting and utterly defeating them.

Crikey! I thought the coppers would be dropping off Neighbourhood Watch packs, not
confronting and utterly defeating them

I know we're all a bit bothered about the Islamics, but is it really essential that we start the war in Somerset?

Right Now?

And is the RAF all right about softening up the Yeovil mosque with a few bunker-busters beforehand?

It looks perilously close to some quality housing...

Who could imagine Muslims from Somerset wanting to carry out acts of Jihad? Next thing, the vast right wing conspiracy will be suggesting that we need to keep a bit of a wary eye on parts of Leeds. Thank goodness that Islamic terrorism hasn't taken any British lives otherwise some might view your nauseating complacency as evidence of your own moral degeneracy...oh, hang on.....

Righty-ho. Will you call the RAF? Or shall I?

War! What Is It Not Good For?

The humility of Biased BBC is a lesson to us all. Top Gun David Vance is far too modest to adopt
our proposal that his site be renamed Brave Biased BBC. He offers a history of recent events in Northern Ireland instead. Thus, an interactive university of the internet is born:


You write:
There was NO civil war in Northern Ireland for 30 years.

In all humility, l
et me rephrase that: A 30 year period in which paramilitaries waged war upon each other and their respective communities, and during which the British Army tried to keep the peace but ended up fighting a sustained guerilla war against the Provisional IRA.

And, just to emphasise:

We're all with you in your belief that ending this was a very bad thing and would set a very bad example to Afghanistan.

There was a sustained period of insurrection driven by the IRA.

Probably best not to mention the Loyalist paramilitaries. Good call.

Appeasing them was UK Government idea number one, and as you point out, since we rewarded the killers things are going swimmingly ...for the killers and thugs and terror godfathers.

Good grief. I had no idea it was like living in an episode of
The Wire. Perhaps we could arrange a whip-round to re-locate you somewhere else in the UK? Just call.

The BBC is quite entitled to put forward the views of Mr Milipede.

First rate. Milipede. Ha!

They are also required to provide balance to these. Please point to such?

Good point. I'm sure there'll be an Opposition spokesman along any time now.

You appear to swallow the concept of the "decent" Taliban. Good luck with that one

Excellent point. Should we send the boys in to Somalia, Yemen, the Congo and everywhere else where we disapprove of the locals? Sure the Army would be only too pleased!

it's almost as surreal as a balanced BBC.

I thought that's what we were after?

Update: The dialogue proceeds: a clearer understanding of the Irish Troubles.

The terrorist insurrection of the IRA came to an end when the Provos realised they were entirely compromised through effective UK intelligence

Best not to mention that the Army recognised that war against the Provos was also unwinnable in military terms. Wise move.

As someone who lost friends and had family injured by IRA terrorism I take exception to your last line in the second para.

Apologies. I hadn't realised that you were elected to speak for all victims of The Troubles. Did the Ulster population choose you for this before or after it had voted in overwhelming numbers for the very peace settlement you despise?

I have spent YEARS damning the "loyalist" scum in the UDA, UVF et al.

Just a slip of the keyboard that you only mentioned the Republicans above. Understand completely. No harm done.

You are way out of your depth here so I suggest the more humility you employ the better for you.

Have smeared myself in humble oils.

Moving on - am I right to suggest that UK parties now support Dr Doolittle in his quest to talk to the Taliban?

This just in from William Hague via BBC News:

But the Conservatives said there was nothing new in Mr Miliband's speech, saying dialogue between Kabul and parts of the Taliban had taken place for years.

"Shadow foreign secretary
William Hague said the UK must focus on clear objectives such as building up of the Afghan army and "ensuring that the gains won by British forces on the battlefield are swiftly followed by reconstruction".

That Hague! He needs bringing up to speed. Sharpish!

The dull beat of defeatism and retreat has been the signature tune of the political left on ANY efforts to destroy AQ and their Taliban pals since 9/11.

Makes you wonder why we bother!

There's more. But you'll have to go here and here....

Give War A Chance

Biased BBC honcho David Vance is furious that the BBC should be reporting the Foreign Secretary's ideas on Afghanistan. They remind him of Ulster, where a terrible thing happened in 1998: Everyone signed up to a peace process, ending 30 years of bloody civil war. St. Vance fought bravely against this with the UK Unionist Party, but was, astonishingly, humiliated at the polls. Time to show some support:


Could I humbly suggest that we add another "B" to B-BBC...and call ourselves Brave Biased BBC?

This feeling has been growing in me for a while, but it was this piece which compelled me to speak out:

Appeasing evil is pretty much all that Miliband and his ilk are capable of doing and they can be assured of a sympathetic hearing from the moral relativists that infest the BBC.

Brave because the BBC has no business reporting the views of the Foreign Secretary and certainly not the Secretary of State for International Development. And we alone are brave to say so.

Second, the comparison with Northern Ireland is lunatic. The British Government created the fiction here that there were "good" and "bad" terrorists - little consolation to the next of kin of their victims.

Brave because ten years of peace in Northern Ireland is a very bad idea, especially after 30 years of brutal civil war. Peace Process indeed.

Brave for you personally because your own activities in Ulster politics, with a party rejecting the Good Friday settlement, were so cruelly rejected by the electorate there. (4% dropping to 1.5% if I remember correctly)

There is, as Sir Winston Churchill once put it, NO point of compromise between the fireman and the arsonist.

Brave because you boldly ignore the usual Churchill quote in these matters: To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war

Some might say it's also brave to be decrying negotiation from the comfort of our living rooms whilst British soldiers are paying a very high price in Afghanistan, but I know how badly such sentiments go down around here, so I won't.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Nazis? They Weren't Even Trying

Forget The Ring. Blair Witch. Even Friday the 13th.

There is something infinitely more terrible going on in your own life. And hundreds of household names are involved. Step forward Atlas Shrugged with the amazing news.
The BBC has always been far and above anything Goebbels could ever have mustered, even in his wildest dreams. That was then, as for now...

Goebbels got all of his best moves from the BBC. Pity for him, he did not learn his lessons well.

The BBC is not just good, very good, sublime, or extremely fantastic at the art and science of broadcasting black arts propaganda.

The BBC is the biggest, most well funded, most experienced, most long existent, all pervasive, provider of cruel and horrendously nasty lies and establishment directed dis-information, there has ever been during the entire history of mankind, BAR anybody or anything.
The BBC was several more times more effective then The Atom bomb was for The Americans, at creating murder and mayhem.
Shocking to discover this: Fiona Bruce always seemed so nice.
One other thing: Do I have to return my Blue Peter Badge?

Paxman: Emotional Retard

Biased BBC is very upset that the BBC ran an interview today with an army deserter. What lies behind such foolishness? Turns out that BBC folk are "emotionally retarded.... simply stuck in an emotional time warp'."

Anonymous ran with the ball: Most of us grow out of our teenage rebellion but the time warpers you refer to stay there in a comfort zone.


It explains Ugly Rumour Blairs obsession with money & celebrity and (remember) Cool Britannia (ugh)...

I think Ugg boots came later. Anyway, bang-on re Blair!

...and the BBC's hatred of Jews

Which is why, as
London Goy pointed out yesterday, so many Jews have prospered at the BBC. Anyway, good shit stick to beat them with!

...the BBC's hatred of Jews and American (Left wing hate objects - symbols of grown up success, authority)....

American what? Airlines, Pie, Express? Anyway, another good shit stick!

.... and the BBCs childish attempts at being "scandalous" and "edgy" (Jonathan Ross using wery wude words)...

Which audiences do not, in any way, enjoy. At all.

.... and their almost demented need to be perpetual children (Glastobury)....

Not sure you're going to appeal to many people under 50 with the Glasto argument, but we can all get behind it and see if it flies!

...and be insolent to respected adults (Paxman etc).

Don't we complain when people like Paxman fail to rough up people we dislike, like Labour and The Greens yesterday? Better sort out the line on that one....

There's an interesting article in today's Express...

Good call. Probably Britain's most authoritative newspaper, especially after its grovelling apologies to the McCann family and the Dunblane survivors, and - oh yes, its owner's humiliating loss in the libel courts this week. (Perhaps we should bury the source after all?)

... in today's Express...on the Labour inbetweeners (who never grew up) The Milliboys, Purnell (famously moved from him trashed flat to high office) etc etc.....

Yes, an anti-Labour, harshly judgemental newspaper run by a bullying proprietor who made his money from the kind of porn his newspaper and its readers would despise. I think our target audience would buy that...

Comrades in Arms, Babes in Arms more like......

Careful! Don't want to upset the PC Brigade!