Friday, 23 October 2009

I'm No Racist But Where Do I Send The Cash?

Travis Bickle, Biased BBC's answer to Robert de Niro, sees the way forward after Question Time: Give lots of money to a racist party which you claim not to support...

for some reason the BNP are not accepting any new memberships on their website,

Must be all the black and Asian people who Cassandra predicted would join up..

so I couldn't join as a protest to last nights show trial.

I think we all feel that way.

I wonder if that has anything to do with last night.

Only reaction one could have: I must join that man and his lovely party.

Never mind, I just made a substantial donation to them instead.

Remember to mark it KKK Friendship Fund.

Not because I support the BNP,


but because I oppose all who are trying to silence them.

Wait up: He wasn't silenced. He was challenged. Is that the same thing?

My enemy's enemy is my friend and all that.

Which of the BNP's many enemies might you possibly mean? Jews? Gays? Black Britons? Poles? Primary School Biology Teachers?

Update: The ever-reliable Cassandra is signing up with Griffin's Heroes, too.

As soon as the BNP opens up its membership to all British people I am joining AND making a donation. Why am I doing this? The thought of our nation lowered to the level of the gutter with a whole mass media and political establishment using the tricks of the nazis and the brownshirts breaks my heart, from now on everyone should know what side I am on.

Thanks for the steer. We'd never have guessed. By the way, didn't you have an Israeli flag alongside your name on B-BBC until recently? How does the Holocaust-denial bit work for you?


  1. Which of the BNP's many enemies might you possibly mean?

    You forgot the BBC.

  2. Fat faced penguin seal is trying to debate with them about the BNP thing last night but he seems to be hitting a brick wall

  3. It appears that, by allowing him to answer questions from the audience, and examining his own comments and opinions, the BBC subjected him to a "show trial" or an "organised lynching". It also seems to be evidence of the inherent bias of the BBC that they did not fill the hall with supporters of a party that received the votes of 6% of the 30% of the electorate that voted in the last European election. By providing an audience that was representative of the 98% of voters who do not vote BNP, it seems that the BBC fell into its traditional Commie poove-loving dhimmi ways.

    From today's B-BBC -

    "Griffin’s so called indigenous population is no longer the 1950s Britain where white men wore tweed jackets and smoked a pipe and women with perms enjoyed labour-saving kitchen appliances. Those days are never coming back. Now, whitey has turned into a chocolate- box assortment of tattooed shaven-headed obese working class blokes, binge-drinking female ladettes, Richard Ingrams-style racists, or liberal lefty, lesbian’n’gays who are so bound and gagged by P.C. that all they dare do is bleat in unison. Excuse me if I've forgotten anyone."

    Can we please now all confirm into which of these boxes above we fit?

  4. The reason the BNP gives as to not accepting new membership is the ruling that was passed down that they have to drop the whites-only clause: NG said that he'll put it to the party in November, and until then, no new members.

    I love the fact that NG is complaining that the QT episode was in London, which, due to immigration, is no longer a British city. That's why the audience was hostile!

    Lots of complaints that QT was stacked against the BNP on any scale one may to measure against - Was he not expecting to be challenged and challenged hard? Can it have been a surprise? Was it a surprise that representatives of the 3 mainstream parties challenged him. Did it come as a surprise that a Bonnie Greer would challenge him? He *Must* have been prepared for this!

    To be honest, if I'd been on the panel or audience, I could have asked far more difficult and uncomfortable questions of him.

    One concession I'll give to the BNP moaners is that at no point should all 4 other panellists have simultaneously attacked him. That was low. But nowhere near as low as NG implying that Jack Straw was morally less-able to speak against Nazis because his father didn't fight in WW2; Sins of the father...: Really low!

  5. Also "Cassandra" has said he/she/it will be joining the BNP as a protest.
    Hmmmm. Am I the only one to think he/she/it was already a member, and is probably commenting on a number of other forums with exactly the same strategy of bringing in membership/support to the BNP, ie by stating that "That's it! I'm off to the BNP. Are you with me!?"

  6. Yeah, well, I'm not a racist and I'm no fan of the BNP but...

    .. I spout off about bloody foreigners and dark people all the time and I find a lot of the BNP's views quite valid and we seem to agree on a lot and I empathise with them and I'm going to give them my money and join their party, but..

    .. I'm not a racist and I'm no fan of the BNP.

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  9. If you keep on crying pedo cunt won't people look at you funny?

  10. voice_of_reason:

    'Can we please now all confirm into which of these boxes above we fit?'

    I believe I can only be a 'liberal lefty, lesbian'

  11. Wifflebammer, you foreign loving namby pamby cunt. Get out with your foreign ways; we're British and proud... its PAEDO you daft twat, we aren't American.

  12. I love the unique capacity that B-BBC regulars have for turning round any story so that it fits their narrative. In a week where most (sane) people think the BBC has shown great skill in balancing the right to allow freedom of speech (with the BNP on QT) with the risk of allowing racists on primetime tele, you would think that B-BBC might take a pause and think about the BBC taking a stand for free speech. But no, what apparently happened is that the BBC only allowed them on so that everyone else could rip into them. It is obviously forgotten/ignored by the B-BBC crowd that no other TV channel has had Griffin on in such a way that he can present his views the way he did. Nor that the entire programme seemed to be focused on him (which, one could argue, suggests the show was actually biased in favour of the BNP). But no. What we have instead is the regulars complaining that Griffin got a hard time. For being a racist, a holocaust denier and a weirdo. Hardly a surprise is it?

  13. Also got to love the people that think the BBC pays people to sit and counter/troll the views on B-BBC.

    It's a crying shame John Reith and Sarah Jane stopped posting - it was genuinely interesting watching those debates. And I may not agree with David Preiser but at least he was pretty civil and didn't just shout TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! *Fingers in ears*

  14. B-BBC is really a shadow of it's former self, I think we're watching the death throws. It's a shame because at it's best it could pick-up on genuine problems.
    But this week when it could have made some thoughtful points about Question Time and could certainly have pointed up what was wrong with a rather tedious Panorama it failed.
    Not enough posters, not enough sanity and too many hobby horses being ridden too hard.

  15. It's over reliance on Vance was its death knell.

  16. Agree with 8.35's anonymous - it has become Vance's personal site of hate for a while now. The regulars there love that - what makes Vancey angry, often makes them angry too. Hence lots of good bitching sessions. Thing is, Vance is also kindof loopy. This has helped strip away the tiny slither of respectability that B-BBC could possibly have.