Thursday, 25 February 2010

CBeebies: Still Fighting WW2 (For The Japanese)

It cannot be said often enough: Biased BBC is not just a peerless advocate of quality journalism, it's also a hothouse of emerging writing talent. Take English Pensioner, a man who can find new things to complain about, even in programmes meant for toddlers.

I don't know about bias, but the BBC gets my prize for crass stupidity.

They'll treasure it.

I was sitting with my grandson watching a video of the children's programme "Waybuloo" which I had recorded a few adys earlier.

I know the feeling. You sit down to watch Mad Men and the brats have recorded Skins instead. Damn you, Sky Box.

To my surprise, one scene showed a large banner, exactly like the flag used by the Japanese Military during WW2.

And exactly like a childish drawing of the sun. As it happens.

I was taken by surprise,

Exactly how eventful is your life?

but surely it would have really upset an ex-POW if he had seen it.

The effect might just have been softened by the cute lilac bunny rabbit doing her exercises amid the emerald countryside and pretty flowers.

I just imagine the outcry if a swastike design (which dates back to ancient Greece) had been used!

Indeed. But it wasn't.

Details on my web site at

Let's go see. Thursday, 18 February: I am a firm believer in assassination

If I were the lilac bunny, I'd be looking a little bit nervous.


  1. Hurray for Blogspot. I mean, fucking hurray for Blogspot.

    I'm forwarding that post to Mossad, just so they know some fucknugget pensioner who went to grammar school has their full fucking approval.

  2. I thought it was subliminal advertising for The Sun. Perhaps it's the Japanese edition.

  3. I thought it was a tribute to Macedonia.

  4. Hi! Batshit insane? Yes, I have a call for you on line one.

  5. This is a Great blog.

  6. I urge you good Comrades, to step away from this bear baiting of Fascist websites, and come and join the fight for a fourth term in office. We Socialists deserve that, and to achieve it we must stand together.

  7. Is B-BBC alright? It seems to have ground to a hault.