Friday, 19 February 2010

Ray Gosling. The BBC. It All Fits.

It's no coincidence that some of the great turning points in the history of ideas brought with them fear and loathing from those with a vested interest in the old order. Galileo suffered; Darwin was abused.

Sadly, there are those not entirely willing to take at face value David Vance's assertion that The BBC is a Death Cult. Now, one of his fellow philosophers at Biased BBC, the mysterious Laban, has come up with the compelling proof: It's a socialist plot to finish off the elderly and save the discredited Welfare State. Sort of Logan's Run with an NHS Number rather than a glowing crystal.

The cost of medical care is enormous, at 18% of the UK budget. Pensions and 'social care' account for around another 20%. The NHS bill is about to take off over the next two decades, as the boomers born between 1945 and 1965 move into retirement. Pressure to contain this budget will be enormous.

Lorks. What can this mean?

As the BBC's pro-euthanasia campaign grinds on I can't but think that some BBC editors and producers need to recall what they were taught or picked up from all those Politics and Sociology courses.

That Tories are evil toffs in big houses?

We are moving into a period where governments, of any complexion, will be desperate to control rising health costs

Tax the toffs till the pips squeak. That'll do it.

- and when, for the first time, the State broadcaster is running a continual stream of pro-euthanasia propaganda. To paraphrase Marx : "Follow the money".

They wouldn't dare while Sir Terry Wogan's still on the radio. But then what?

Look, here's the excitable philipramage. He has a theory of his own:

I'm sorry but all the "statistics" pointing to an unaffordable, ageing population are absolute rubbish.

That's a relief. I was about to invite Ray Gosling around for tea at my nana's.

Rubbish, I might add, that is playing right into the left's hands.

Might have known it. Effing statistics. Again.

This "ageing population" myth is their excuse for packing the country with immigrants. Just take a look around you.WE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT ARE BLOODY WELL WORKING.


LOOK at the armies of immigrants on welfare, some living in multi million pound mansions. LOOK at the terror suspects amassing fortunes in the hundreds of thousands of pounds at our expense. LOOK at the whole estates full of single mothers kept at our expense.

They'll laugh on the other sides of their mansion-living terror-organising single-parenting faces when I turn up at the Post Office with my pension book. Oh yes.

Here's another doubting Thomas. Or rather, a doubting Ed (ex RSA).

I don't think the BBC's pro-euthanasia campaign is motivated by a desire to cut care costs.

Are you sure? Laban's post has a graph.

Rather, the left wing, either consciously or through simple reflex or a combination of the two, has set out to systematically attack, undermine and eventually destroy every principle underpinning western civilisation. Euthanasia has become the latest "taboo" to be taken on by these people.

That's what they want you to think. Ask Laban.


  1. There's a recent post there which saw St. Vance shrieking on about the BBC being some kind of leftist liberal echo chamber.
    I damn near choked on the irony...

  2. Traditional Orange Coloured Gentleman20 February 2010 at 00:55

    Isn't he fond of going on the beeb and criticising it after his performances. Clawing back his licence fee perhaps?

  3. Vance's regular appearances on what passes for local television programming in Northern Ireland only show what a complete and utter waste of time ALL local programming is.

    I mean, scraping the bottom of the fucking barrel or what.