Sunday, 14 February 2010

British Bukake Corporation

It is, of course, the eternal tragedy of The BBC that its evil influence will soon bring about its very destruction. Exactly how is not yet clear, though Biased BBC posters usually favour a terrible night of gay-slaughter from the tallest transmission tower once the homosexual dhimmis at White City have brought about their much-desired Taliban dictatorship.

A less colourful stream of thought among the bias-hunters is the theory that The BBC's political bias will end in blood-soaked Tory revenge the day David Cameron walks into No. 10. Biased BBC new boy Paul Weston follows this argument through to a shocking, though, um, seminal, conclusion.

I wonder if these BBC traitors ever ponder their future under a less sympathetic government,

Of course not.They'd be mad to do so.

which is of course an inevitability

Not if The BBC can help it. They're already beaming Vote Gordon messages at us covertly.

as democracy naturally crumbles under the social fractures so assidiously promoted by said coterie of BBC execs clad in Armani jackets and suspect genes?

Say that last bit again…

execs clad in Armani jackets and suspect genes

Are we talking bukake here? Otherwise how did the Armani jackets get clad in suspect genes?

Shocking, but it does bring a whole new meaning to the words White City…


  1. Bound to find John Prescott's involved. Wasn't he sponsored by the National Union of Seamen?

  2. Today they're getting upset over the worst Doctor Who writer ever being a "socialised firebrand" some 25 years ago. But never mind that it seems the modern version is all to much for erm, "It's all too much."
    "I recall one episode of Dr Who where 25% of the population of Elizabethan London appeared to be afro-carribean"
    Which is interesting. There are two black extras who are directly referred to by the Doctor when making a point to Martha (his first ever non-white companion in the history of the show) that the past "isn't so different" to the present.
    So most viewers see the Doctor and Martha and learn a little bit about the fact there were black people in Elizabethan England.
    We see 2 extras but B-Beeboids see a 25% black cast. It really is all in their heads.

  3. Indeed, Dave.

    Calls to mind one of the defining debates in Biased BBC history when the bias-bashers turned their gaze to the vexing subject of multiculturalism at The BBC. I think we all learned something important that day.

  4. The bbc has gone into overdrive in its bias toward Brown, and is certainly not now covert about it.
    I am not a vengeful man but I can honestly say that I would like to see at least 20 radio 4 brownshirt management, announcers, and editors get pilloried (in actual pillories and a hostile crowd with rotten fruit and eggs), with most of them being women.
    They have no honour, and do not care at all about the poor state of this country.

  5. Anonymous:

    You are quite, quite brilliant in your ignorance of the basic rules of grammar and syntax. Pilloried in actual pillories, with most of them being women? Male pillories not good enough for you? Whenever on the Interweb one sees "I am not a vengeful man but", it is inevitably followed by some unhinged threat of violence, often against random strangers, and you have bravely flown the flag of incomprehensibility. Just remind me who the Brownshirts were again.

  6. Yes, because Andrew Marr asking the PM if he abused painkillers or took antidepressants was taking the soft path.