Tuesday, 16 February 2010

They All Look Alike, You Know

Like any great leap forward in human consciousness, Biased BBC opens windows into the truth which even the most dedicated might fail to see without proper guidance.

Take the video below: At first glance, a stirring evocation of the pride and passion which fires the Six Nations Rugby Championship, starring a Hollywood A-list actor and a velvety piece of Victorian poetry. At second glance, too.

And, frankly, at third and fourth….

What's not to like, you might ask. But you are not Biased BBC's David Vance:

another shameless plug from the BBC for Nelson Mandela worshippers.

Only if you think Morgan Freeman is actually Nelson Mandela.

It would be nice to see less politics injected into Sport.

And even fewer black icons allowed on screen… Isn't that so, Atheist Ranter?

There is always the possibility that the BBC are hoping to get NM to bend over during some of the floodlit games so that the sun shining out of his arse can save them a bob or two...

Always with the bottoms on Biased BBC. Anything more perceptive?

Some of us know what he did in his early years....

Indeed. A worthless individual with a dodgy past. And only Biased BBC has the oval balls to say it. Meanwhile, Millie Tant's looking pensive.

I don't know what connection either Morgan Freeman or Nelson Mandela have with the Six Nations rugby tournament.

Thank God. I thought I was alone out here.

Is there one

Lord knows. Almost as much a mystery as why everyone suddenly seems so interested in planets full of blue people. While I'm on, who - or what - is Harry Potter?

or is this just the BBC deliberately bringing in an African black "hero",

Deliberately. And offensively. And in clear breach of the Separate Development Laws, bokkie.

a black face and a black voice because of its misguided and pervasive obsession with skin colour

Obsession. Yes.

and its prejudice against native events

Nailed it there. The BBC's prejudice against rugby is so great that it hauled in Hollywood royalty to help sell the Six Nations as the sporting event of the season.

and (prejudice against) people because of their skin colour?

We all know rugby is exclusively a white man's game. It's just that the BBC won't acknowledge it.

Swing, erm, Low, Sweet Chariot.


  1. Surely the connection between Morgan Freeman and rugby is that Morgan played God in Bruce Almighty, and rugby is God's own game.

  2. That Doctor Who story is so good they've posted it twice. Clearly Doctor Who is a massive left-wing conspiracy and not just British Sci-Fi commenting on real-world issues by translating them into the fantastic.
    Still quite rightly the B-Beeboids are demanding any examples of Doctor Who stories that are based on right-wing thinking.
    There's nothing of course. Certainly you won't find a Doctor Who story where the villain is called "The Tax Gatherer" and clearly based on Denis Healey... right down to the eyebrows!

  3. Chipping in with a serious comment for once, this is Invictus, a story about the 1995 Rugby World Cup - held in South Africa - and a film in which Morgan Freeman played Nelson Mandela.

    Of course, if B-BBC didn't live in a complete and utter cultural vacuum where looking up gets you The Sky At Night and looking down gets you faecal matter, they'd know the connection.

    They're linking it to the biggest film about rugby, about the 2005 World Cup and how that event was a marker for the end of apartheid.

    I'd ask someone to go over there and ctrl-v this into it, but they wouldn't be able to process it.