Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Is That A Coloured In Yonder Field?

Biased BBC loves multicultural Britain. The news that Patrick Younge, the BBC’s new programme-making boss, will insist that diversity targets are met has gone down well.

As has the fact that Mr Younge is black.

No, wait... there are a few tiny doubts.

Anonymous tries to get inside Mr Younge's head. The results aren’t encouraging:

in your face straight Christian white man.

Word Up, Bro!

Like or lump it.

Fo’ Real! (Isn’t an “it” missing there?)

If you don’t like it piss off and die.

They’re all stroppy, just like that.

I tell you what to do now, you are the slaves not me!

Ah….right. How does that work?

Careful my friend of the white native backlash, we have met dictators like you before.

(Sorry…. are we still Theophilis P Wildebeeste at this point? Or a Klansman trying to imitate a Victorian gentleman?)

Andrew “Piano Wire” South London has spotted more unfairness to white slaves: They’re not getting enough modelling work:

Perhaps I am the only one who is sick to death of merchandisers point-of-sale pictures of "half-caste" models?

Perhaps you are. And when did anyone last use “half-caste” without feeling a little queasy?

I know that description makes some people uncomfortable,

Agreed, then…

….but what else do you call models with near-European faces but afro-frizzy hair?

What indeed? Oh, I know: Models.

Amazingly, the BBC is in the thick of this shabby plot:

GCooper knows how:

as ever, Aunty is in there with the best of them. parachuting black and Asian news reporters and presenters into unlikely rural locations,

They may be born in Bradford, but they have no place in British barnyards.

And what’s that half-caste doing in Gloucestershire? With a microphone, of all things:


The Beebinator is trying to be constructive:

diversity eh?

Yes indeed. Glad you’re on topic…

how about nick griffin presenting news at 10?


  1. So half caste or mixed race? But I thought that race doesn't exist or was just a socially constructed thingymijig. Probably best to return to the tried and tested mulatto.

  2. Why so shy? Go for mongrel. You know you want to...