Friday, 22 January 2010

All Muslims Are... Whatever

Biased BBC is, of course, the go-to place to learn about The BBC's many failings as a provider of news and information. It prides itself on Exposing The Reporting Bias Of The BBC. Today, leading social commentator Martin gives us a masterclass in the appropriate methodology for exposing al Beeb distortion.

First, Martin posts on the shortcomings of Islam:

There is no such thing as a 'moderate Muslim' it's a figment of a Cocaine addled brain.

1. All Muslims believe Muslims should not marry non Muslims

2. All Muslims believe that a Muslim cannot leave Islam (if they do they face death)

3. All Muslims think a bit of bottom action between men is wrong and punishable by death

4. All Muslims hate Jews

5. All Muslims have a chip on both shoulders.

Long-time Biased BBC commenter Grant offers a slight course correction:

Really hate to rattle your cage but :-

1. My wife is muslim and , despite being an atheist, I am accepted by my muslim inlaws.

2. That is not quite true. I know many apostates in Turkey, Malaysia, and W. Africa who are tolerated.

3. Difficult to prove scientifically, but I suspect homosexuality in practice is more common in "muslim countries" than non-muslim countries. Homosexual brothels are quite common in the muslim countries I know.

4. Absolutely not true, in my experience, and my knowledge of history. Not all muslims hate Jews.

5. Again, not my experience of living in 3 "muslim" countries.

I am not defending the religion, nor indeed any religion, but I do think it is dangerous to generalise. And I have never taken cocaine in my life !

Martin hastens to reassure Grant that all is well:

Grant, generalisation is the only way to work. I'm sure there are (or were) nice Communists and Nazi's, does that mean that what they believed in was acceptable? The wet liberals generalise about right wing Americans all the time.



  1. Say what you like about Martin, his concern to protect everyone's right to a bit of bottom action between men is a testament to tolerance... tolerance which is naturally wasted on camp mincers like Nicky Campbell and all those other rent-boy-loving bumchums at the BBC.

  2. Grant's wife is a good Nazi. I'm sure that's reassuring to hear.

  3. Martin's Rent Boy Lover from Islington22 January 2010 at 22:12

    "Grant, generalisation is the only way to work."

    This should be Biased BBC's solgan.

    Yes, facts and evidence are rather pointless when you can make generalisations.

    "I'm sure there are (or were) nice Communists and Nazi's,"

    Yes, history has overlooked all those nice nazis - behind all the gas chambers and bombings there were also garden parties and cake sales.

  4. Is Martin pro-gay or anti-gay? I can't tell, because in the same breath he calls someone a faggot and then castigates Muslim countries for not being as tolerant as he is.

    I'm very confused. A bit like Martin.

  5. There's discussion at B-BBC today of the decision to raise the terrorist threat level. Much of the usual indignation because there's no mention of the word "Islam" by the BBC.
    What's interesting is we've just seen a right-wing terrorist, Terrance Gavin, locked up for 11 years for "collecting information useful to terrorism and possessing explosives and firearms"
    There's more at the excellent Tabloid Watch. But B-BBC's reaction is just part of the spectrum of opinion that builds up apparent Muslim Terrorists and ignores other dangerous flavours of psycho.