Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nation Dying. Add Turkeys + Xmas, Few Flies = Diversity.

Only a libtard smart-arse would claim that hell is other people. Biased BBC devotees know instinctively that hell is the place you go in a hand-cart. Today, we welcome a particularly fine infernal travelogue from leading misanthrope DP111.

In a normal society, the one we had not so long ago,

Ah…the golden past: Spinsters on their bicycles, cricket on the green, foaming tankards of real ale.

based on a common culture and language,

And no pesky black or brown people….

one has one’s share of virtues and vices.

I'll take a few of the vices. I'm fed up being virtuous.

In a multicultural society though, particularly the one we have, the imported virtues of an imported people, are hardly any,

Do foreigners have any virtues at all?

or we have them anyway, but the vices that they bring, are far too many.

Cheap labour. Enthusiasm. Family values. Willingness to open shops and fast food stores at times the rest of us want to rest. Wiping our bottoms in rest homes and NHS wards. Curing the sick. All vices.

The more diverse the imported cultural group, the more varied and diverse are the vices.

Stands to reason.

In addition, they are of a sort that our society is unable to comprehend - like polygamy, honour killings, FGM, murder those who criticise Islam, etc.

Shouldn't that be FHM? Would you include Nuts and Zoo, too? Or just Maxim?

If we import the entire world, we do not get all the virtues of the rest of the world, but all the vices of the rest of the world.

Brilliant! Just a little question: How come that doesn't work for German cars and Japanese TV sets?

This is one of the reasons that our police and judiciary are unable to cope, as there are no norms that are acceptable or unacceptable. It is the reason why our education system is failing, or has failed. It is leading to a breakdown of society, unable to defend itself at home or abroad, as it has no idea what it is, and what it is supposed to defend.

The end cannot be far away.

Just as flies wax strong and prosper over a decaying carcass, so it is that "Diversity" managers prosper over a dying multicultural failed nation.

Close the door on your way out. It's only polite.

Celebration of cultural diversity is thus a celebration of the death of a nation, the equivalent of Turkeys celebrating Christmas.

Extra points for the superannuated metaphor. Well done.


  1. I did not think Turkeys celebrated Christmas, what with them being all Muslim and that. You learn something new every day.

  2. Ah look. Another appeal from Mr Vance for B-Beeboids to maintain standards and avoid inappropriate language.
    Posters disagree including one who says Martin's use of language is "inspiringly creative".
    Apparently squeezing turds, rentboys, arses and coke into everyday language produces the same effect in a B-Beeboid that say... Michelangelo produces in the rest of us.