Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Patrick Moore: The Future Of Telly

It occupies the sharpest brains at News Corporation, but such is the TV savvy stored up at Biased BBC, the bias-hunting boys nailed it in a few minutes today: What will drive more people to Sky's digital service?

Set the scene for us, Martin...

sky invested billions in the technology, the BBC invest in Cocaine.

So that's why the Beeb chose White City…

Get your flotation devices ready, here's PacificRising:

If the BBC could be purged of it's LibLeft cocain addicted Islingtonite lentil munchers then it might be worth reforming

Don't forget the rent boys...

otherwise it should be broken up,

It's kinder in the end.

as much as I would miss "The Sky at Night", "Something Understood" and the "Moral Maze".

I think we all would.

Fresh from his 24-hour war on terror, here's Jack Bauer with a message from our sponsors:

talking Sky At Night (one of the few BBC self-generated shows I enjoy), have you a Sky subscription?

Alas no. What is this Sky of which you speak, Jack?

They have about a 1000 channels. Some of them seem to be put together by one man and his dog.

That would be the Sheepdog Service. Sponsored by Rover.

Patrick Moore could start the SKY AT NIGHT channel ... all SAN all the time.

How absolutely fascinating.

Seriously, those Beeboidhead fanatics who want to force the rest us to pay for their fanaticism have a mindset locked into 1955 and the Politburo

It's the missile parades on May Day which give them away.

It's like they don't even know about the most revolutionary changes to the media since Gutenberg.

Someone's got to tell them, and Jack, you're our only hope. Start with newspapers and work your way up to radio. I'll try to explain TV but it'll be tough. And don't dare confuse them with the web.

What do you reckon, Martin?

The Sky at night is an interesting programme.

If I understand Sir Patrick correctly, Biased BBC is actually located at the heart of the Crab Nebula.

The BBC have tolerated the politically incorrect non dumbed down show for 50 years.

There you go: Zero commitment. Typical BBC!

Show done by mostly white males (yuk) and not a lesbian or Muslim in sight.

Bit like that other unloved offspring, Top Gear.

The BBC are probably waiting for Moore to kick the bucket so they can do to it what they did to Country File, turn it into a townie politically correct climate change love fest.

A tough call for a programme about the universe. But the bastards'll die trying.

Welcome back, PacificRising, how are you finding consumer choice in TV land?

I haven't got a Sky subscription because I was worried about the kids being distracted from their schoolwork by the Disney Channel.

Least of your worries. CBBC is like crack to our brood.

But if Patrick Moore had a slot on Sky I would reconsider.

Apparently it's their next big marketing campaign. Once we all tire of sport.


  1. Interesting the way that a BBC programme which runs against their assumptions about the nature of the BBC is always spun: "I bet they can't wait to get rid/turn it into a Muslim lesbian lovefest/hand it over to Climate Change Fascists." The idea that the BBC might genuinely provide shows like Sky At Night, Top Gear, The Moral Maze and that other B-BBC favourite, The Daily Politics, to cater for a wide range of interests and views seems beyond them.

  2. B-Beeboids are currently suggesting the nomination of a BBC "arse of the week" but Martin has enthusiastically suggested "cock of the week" instead. He's even found a nice picture of a golden cock, of the feathered kind. Although goodness knows what sort of images he stumbled across on the web while searching for "cock" pictures.
    With one hand.

  3. david vances ghost12 January 2010 at 20:36

    Heres me David Vance on pyjamas media
    please read me

    I think David Vance should go to gitmo for a holiday. There he could rest his brains and catch his breath. For it is he of the TUV, the unstoppable force of unionism, the bowler hat brigade that dwells among the fucking peasants of biased bbc. Off to Bradford to visit Andrew McCann who will show him that rotten city full of shitty islamicists that need to fuck off out of our country.

    If only we could get the bowler hat brigade into Bradford that would show them guys!!! Vote TUV, if you truly are a patriot and love your country.