Thursday, 7 January 2010

Your Humanitarian Convoy Is Cordially Invited...

Biased BBC, like its evil twin the real BBC, deploys a range of specialist correspondents to help us make sense of the worst al-Beeb treachery. The longest-serving of these is sue, who monitors Middle Eastern madness. Today she finds the BBC guilty of heinous offences whilst covering George Galloway MP and his controversial convoy to Gaza:

The treacherous MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, George Galloway has been away from his constituency lately.

Tower Hamlets in deep winter. What's not to like, George?

His recent publicity-seeking escapade, getting a convoy of aid to the Palestinians who are currently perceived to be imprisoned in Gaza and starving, has even antagonised the Egyptians.

Indeed. But where's the BBC bad-assery? I've got an angry email ready to send to Whinge Central.

“ The Egyptian foreign ministry launched a scathing attack on convoy leader British Respect MP George Galloway, claiming that his comments regarding the hold up of the convoy defied “honesty and facts.” “Being aware that Mr. Galloway loves media exposure, for various reasons, the ministry refrains from engaging in media arguments with someone who deliberately changes facts for personal objectives and masters the promotion of false championships that are based on wrong impressions leading to wrong conclusions,” it said.”

So that's how Cairo's Malcolm Tucker spins it. Needs a few more swear words, but... we're still light on BBC action, sue.

The convoy, organized by Viva Palestina, was unable to get to Gaza in time for the celebrations.

Or perhaps not: Your link says the party was in early December; yet the convoy wasn't supposed to reach Gaza till December 27th.

….unable to get to Gaza in time for the celebrations. The BBC doesn’t tell us this because they’re more concerned with interviewing the poor activists who have been beaten up.

Typical. The BBC gives us all the boring crap - riots, a dead Egyptian soldier, injuries, diplomatic stand-offs and so on - and fails to tell us the vital stuff: That the convoy missed a party it never intended to go to.

They’re also keen to tell us part of what Gorgeous George said.

They should deny him the oxygen of publicity. Keep his cigar consumption down, for one thing.

"It is completely unconscionable that 25% of our convoy should go to Israel and never arrive in Gaza."

A quote also used by Sky News, well known as a Jihad-friendly mouthpiece, among many others.

They didn’t bother to report the end of that statement, which was blatantly slanderous and far-fetched: “because nothing that goes to Israel ever arrives in Gaza.”

Excellent. Had the BBC used it we could have hammered them for broadcasting George's inflammatory guff.

And when they don't use it, we have them for failing to expose the same inflammatory guff. Win-win in every way!


  1. Thanks for the analysis. You shouldn't have gone to all that trouble.

    Have you been banned from B-BBC?
    Or are you, like, hiding behind a stone or tree?

  2. "You shouldn't have gone to all that trouble"

    If you'd been a little more accurate, sue, he wouldn't have needed to. But then, it wouldn't have been much of a Biased BBC story...

  3. Wrong. I wasn’t inaccurate. The convoy may only have left on 27th, but Galloway was still complaining about being held up and missing the celebrations. This stunt was planned way back in October.

    “We had wanted to travel in October / November so that at least some people in Gaza could start rebuilding their homes before the cold weather hit. Unfortunately we could not meet this deadline.”

    Of course if you only watch the BBC you wouldn’t know.

  4. sue,

    That last point is a killer.

    Your quote is from a press release from an entirely different bunch, who wanted to send a flotilla to Gaza, but were having trouble getting organised. Lower down, they say: We thought we could go, if not in October / November, then in early January, to coincide with the planned Viva Palestina convoy...

    Your complaint remains that the BBC failed to inform us that Galloway's wagon train failed to arrive in time for a party they never intended to attend. It's such a strong point by Biased BBC standards, I'd stick with it if I were you.

  5. I'm not so sure. I think it is the same movement.
    But what makes you think that was the main thrust of my piece? I heard Galloway complain that he was unable to get to Gaza with the aid "before the celebrations." He may have even been talking about the other celebrations, commemorating the end, or was it the beginning, of Operation Cast Lead. You should have realised that I included that as a way of introducing the article about the outrageous amount of money that Hamas wastes on such things when the Palestinians are in such dire straits. Although maybe not quite so dire as they make out.

    Are you banned?

    You never tackle the vital issues, you're always skirting round the edges picking up scraps. I asked you if you are banned. If you're not banned, why don't you come and argue properly, where all the action is? If you think I'm bonkers, come over and flesh out your argument.
    I don't like it here for some reason. So I won't be staying. Bye.

  6. sue

    Thanks for, erm, clearing that up. None of the above seems to relate to BBC bias, though that is par for the course for B-BBC.

    Not banned as far as I know, though some of my rare posts do seem to disappear unexpectedly, despite Mr Vance's commitment to open debate.

    Are you sure B-BBC is where all the action is? Unless, that is, the action involves wallowing in Martin's turds, Vance's bile and George R's obsessive-compulsive mining of the internet to find scraps of stuff about the great Muslim conspiracy. Anywhere where Grumpy Old Twat, All Seeing Eye and Old Holborn are made to feel welcome also strikes me as somewhere you might reluctantly visit as part of some Tourette's-related confrontational therapy.

    Wouldn't you agree?

  7. You seem to find it fascinating enough. No real need to keep putting yourself through the ordeal though, eh?

  8. sue

    I wear a special anti-contamination suit and use a dedicated computer to handle the toxins. Reading and taking the piss is one thing. Actually splashing around in all the Muzzie-hating turd pools is another.

  9. After a considerable amount of head-scratching, I think that I have managed to work out where sue sees the bias.

    Presumably, in reporting the death of an Egyptian soldier, apparently shot by Palestinian gunfire (typical of the Muzzie-loving dhimmis that) on January 6th, the BBC has demonstrated its bias, by failing to criticise excessive spending by Hamas on an event three weeks earlier, when the convoy was still making its way across Europe.

    Some might say it's ever so slightly tenuous, but by the standards of B-BBC it's the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein uncovering the WEatergate cover-up

  10. Hope you keep the suit on while you're reading yer own blog comments then.
    I was going to say physician heal thyself but I decided not to.

    I'm wearing a mask and gown myself. I still feel like an interloper so I'll be off. Bye again.

  11. Sue, I have a selection of new barrels I got for Christmas. However, there appears to be some kind of substance at the bottom - which leads me to think Martin and Vance the Obscure had them at some point. Nevertheless, they do need a good scraping - can you help me out here?

    Seriously, help me out. Point me to where it says that the convoy was related to Hamas' little party. Please, because I'm itching for an excuse to hate a bunch of terrorists who keep their people starving and dependent on UN aid - but I'm not sure I can reasonably participate in this one if you're going to use what a court would call "conjecture".

    By the way, I'm not going over to B-BBC to argue this, because I despise the rampant racism, homophobia and Martin's scat fetishes.

  12. "TUV is pleased to announce that experienced political commentator and activist, David Vance has joined the party. A County Down businessman, who was at one time was Deputy Leader of the UKUP, Mr Vance is well known for his robust Unionist views as the man who runs the top political blog, ‘A Tangled Web’.

    A long-standing proponent of Traditional Unionist values, he has written and broadcast extensively in opposition to terrorist-inclusive government"

    Sue aren't you lucky to be rubbing shoulders with me. Look at who I am. I am a big boy now. Shove off from here and don't talk to terrorist loving scum.

  13. I thought "With talent such as that of David Vance, TUV is growing and progressing" was the real highlight.

    "He is one of the most prolific and articulate spokesmen Unionism has produced. I have no doubt TUV will benefit greatly from his wide experience and contribution. At a time when many professional people are shying away from politics, it is encouraging to find someone of David Vance’s caliber getting involved"

    Articulate and professional indeed. No two words could ever better sum up Mr David Vance .

  14. I note that the TUV press-release makes no mention of the B-BBC site; wonder why?

    David, that abomination of a blog (B-BBC) will turn out to be an embarrassment to you and the TUV one day.

    And for a party which is absolutely *British British British*, someone should tell them that their spell-checker is set to en-us.