Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Election 2010: The BBC Smear and Assassinate Cameron. Apparently.

Biased BBC's proud boast is that it Exposes The Reporting Bias Of The BBC. And the most fertile ground for bias-hunting must surely be the next General Election.

Today Biased BBC's Top Gun David Vance commended an email from a reader who'd spotted some egregious Labour propaganda on Five Live. It's an outstanding piece of analysis, only slightly flawed by an inability to listen to more than two words at a time. Oh, and a misunderstanding of the whole notion of bias. Otherwise, it's brilliant:

Radio Five just interviewed YouGov's Peter Kellner on the election - specifically his opinion on Cameron and the Tories.

Excellent. Top pollster.

Q. Why were Tories not doing better in the polls considering Labour's unpopularity?

Perhaps you'll share with us what the polls told him...

Obviously the real answer is Cameron's position on European Union and Global Warming.

Global Warming and the EU? Biased BBC's pet subjects to be sure, but is that YouGov's view?

Kellner's 'analysis' was that the Tories were still suffering from Major era, while Cameron remained very popular.

So he said. He also said people were blaming Labour more than the Conservatives for the expenses scandal.

A few sentences later he smeared Cameron.

Good grief… oh, hang on. He actually said that Labour attempts to paint Cameron as a toff were childish and trivial stuff in his personal view. However it did resonate with voters, so it was a legitimate tactical target if an unsavoury one.

BBC did not mention that Peter Kellner is married to a Labour Minister.

She is no longer a Labour Minister now that she's the EU Foreign Minister. But hey-ho.

How can BBC interview someone so biased on the election and keep the bias from the listener?

Perhaps you should have a word with those socialist softies at the Telegraph. Oh, and Mr Murdoch's lieutenants at The Sunday Times and Sky News. They all employ Mr Kellner's company to conduct their polling.

Well the answer to that is very simple - the BBC has no shame.

None at all. Asking the man who heads the Telegraph's polling company to discuss the next election is shocking.

I heard Nick Robinson earlier doing a similar assassination job on the Conservatives.

Somehow I doubt it, on the evidence of the above.

The election is ON and between now and polling day the BBC will do everything possible to ameliorate any Conservative advantage.

Because shafting the party most likely to win is a sure way for a public corporation to prosper for the next five years.

I am no fan of David Cameron but I can see how unfairly he and his party will be treated by the State Broadcaster. It amazes me that he is so meek and mild as to how he will treat the BBC when he gets into power.

Possibly because as a former broadcasting executive himself he understands the media slightly better than a stroppy yoghurt marketer from Antrim with an irrational hatred of The BBC.

I know what I would do, wouldn't you?

Is that before or after you bomb Iran and tear up the Good Friday peace treaty?


  1. I think it's a bit unfair to describe Mr Vance as a stroppy yogurt marketer. He's also a stroppy artificial sweetener marketer.

  2. Any of us with a modicum of thinking power know that the bbc is totally biased to keeping this incompetent government in power - and the odious Toady Programme this morning emphasised this by James Soviet Naughty fawning over Clegg and ministers, while attacking Tories.
    I only wish I knew why Cameron is sitting back watching his people be insulted and vilified in so-called news interviews on radio 4 by rabid Marxists.
    Does he have the courage to take on the bbc?
    If not he will lose my vote.

  3. Anyone with a modicum of thinking power knows that Cameron isn't a paranoid relic from the Cold War era who sees the Red Army marching over the Urals disguised as the European Union. Any suggestion that it's Cameron that's irrational for not thinking the BBC is full of "rabid Marxists" is, in fact, so utterly delusional that the only response worthy of response is large doses of mockery.

    Consider yourself mocked like Martin's prostate is fingered every single night. And day. And during his smoke breaks. And on the bus. And in Tesco.

  4. Is this the Antrim place when he did packaging? No wonder he hates those blasted greens ha ha. Number of employees 1-20? yet the business is listed as unknown? Hmmm.... why would that be?

    The partner is Hilary Vance but he is listed as MD, which explains all his days off to blog, he could be living off the missus.

  5. Radical Islamic Irish sepratist5 January 2010 at 16:50

    There is goes again: the front door bell! Every Halloween I ask my parents or friends, that should they wish to visit me on this evening, to telephone me in advance. That way, I know when the bell rings it is just another gaggle of irritating little t**ds attempting to screw my hard-earned money out of me. And for what? For placing a plastic 10 pence stupid mask over their impudent faces and crying 'trick or treat'.

    Occasionally I drop my guard (like I did last night) and answer the door. My standard response is 'not tonight, thank you'. Usually they turn on their heels and go away. If they come back and start their anti-social nonsense (again, like they did last night), I have a small bucket of water by the door.

    awwww bless ;-)

  6. Radical Islamic Irish sepratist5 January 2010 at 16:52

    Read Andrew Mc Canns article on happy halloween here

  7. Please join David Vance in his tangled talk radio shows.


  8. Wow, what an enormously miserable cunt Mr McCann is. Just think, we're wandering around blaming today's youth for not having the proper manners, and then when young kids try and take part in Hallowe'en they get short shrift from some miserable old cunt in spunk stained joggers complaining about how the youth of today have no manners and he'll throw a bucket of water over them if they complain.

  9. Like Millietant's observation that Newsround only has one "English" presenter.