Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein BBC!

Perhaps the most admirable aspect of Biased BBC - OK, one of the many admirable aspects - is its love of understatement. Leading social commentator Martin illustrates this perfectly during today's deeply paranoid/ utterly confused/ coolly analytical debate about the role of the police investigating the leaking of the CRU emails on climate change:

Just like the Nazis

Good of you to come clean. Oh...

Just like the Nazis (the BBC is the SS

Must re-visit the history books, but I have no recollection of the lads with the death's head insignia organising Saturday night entertainment for the Reich. Or reading the News, either.

and the Liebour party vermin are the Gestapo)

With powers of arrest and detention. And a tendency to torture.

if you don't agree with the BBc/Nu Liebour stance you are deemed a terrorist and dragged away.

Forelock-tugging Brown-worship is everywhere in today's UK. No-one dares say a thing against him. Except Biased BBC. Bravo to ze Resistance!

Remember poor old Walter Wolfgang

A lifelong socialist, anti-Zionist Jewish man who strongly opposes British intervention in American wars and holds office in CND. An unlikely hero for Biased BBC, but hey-ho.

Dragged away by thick inbred scum (the Police)

Perhaps we should organise a special breeding programme for our elite law-enforcers. Strong athletic types with keen blue eyes and flaxen hair. That kind of thing.

under terrorism legislation simpyl for saying rubbish to professional turd sniffer Jack man of Straw.

Glad you could get a turd in. Good work, Martin.

The Liebour party should be thrown out of power and locked in prison for this ONE single event only.

Even Walter might find that an over-reaction. Plus he served on Labour's NEC afterwards, so no to that, I'd have thought.

Damien Green was arrested under terrorism legislation. It seems this bunch of scumbag Socialists use the Police and BBC to do their vile work.

Small doubt creeps in here. Is there anyone we can trust to do anything in the public interest? At all?


  1. Is there anyone Martin and his chums can trust? The Forces, or at least the basic soldiery. The officers mainly buy into Bliar's twisted plans for nation-building and all that other commie stuff, but the lads with the bayonets are the stuff of his dreams. And what dreams they are.

  2. Martin and his chums trust the DUP - they're the chaps, with their trenchant views on homosexuality and adultery, both proscribed in Leviticus. Oops, sorry, my mistake.

  3. "Is there anyone we can trust to do anything in the public interest? At all?"

    Sky? Kojak?

    Is Kojak on Sky? Because then the revolution could start.

  4. Anonymous Mr Anonymous13 January 2010 at 15:16

    Martin's spot on. I don't know what you lot are complaining about.

  5. No Kojak on Sky. That my main beef.

    "Who loves ya, baby!"