Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Boom! Ack-Ack-Ack! Perverse Admiration!

There are many ways to betray your country: Treason, cowardice or disreputable conduct, for example….or you can add all three together and become a BBC Foreign Correspondent, especially one reporting on Afghanistan. As ever, Biased BBC hotshot David Vance is pointing his trigger finger right at the Quislings from White City:

Have you picked up on BBC coverage of the Jihad attacks carried out by the Taliban in Kabul today?

Indeed. Alan Little's vivid description of fear and gunsmoke in a hotel close to the presidential palace. Felt like I could taste the cordite.

I suggest to you that the tone of the coverage was almost one of....

Urgency? Concern? Understandable personal fear that the hotel itself might be next?


Of course. If there's one thing conjured up by a man who's just described to you the fear of suicide bombers attacking his hotel, it's a glowing pride in the men who have been trying to kill all around him.

The BBC seems to take perverse delight...

Perverse: A bit like that bloke who decries negotiations in Afghanistan and keeps urging Israel to bomb Iran, all from the safety of his home in leafy Northern Ireland. Wossname? Oh, yes…. David Vance.

The BBC seems to take perverse delight that these dark ages barbarians can carry out such atrocities.

John Simpson, today, in Kabul:

In the eerie darkness of Kabul I spoke to a group of Afghan special forces who had fought the insurgents - tough impressive men. I asked if the Taliban could win this war. No, they shouted.

But there are other ways to win a war than simply fighting. And persuading the world that the Taliban can strike when and how they want is one of them.

Delighted? Or realistic?


  1. "Tone*"is all in the head of the B-Beeboid.

    *much like the "other voices"

  2. Vance obviously can't understand how anyone could see an explosion and not get a hard-on.

  3. Vance can't get a hard-on. Otherwise he would have spent his anniversary rutting his wife instead of rutting the internets.

  4. Vance now pretty much reporting BBC forces straight people to become queer to join. It is "compulsary".

  5. I think "reporting" is a bit wide of the mark. "Sniggering", maybe.

  6. The guy is a daft cunt,our little paddy friend - what more can I say....

  7. I'm not sure calling him a cunt gets you anywhere, to be honest. It's the kind of witless abuse Mr Vance and his chums heap on other people.

  8. Strange thing - but when I hear Vancey his tone suggests to me that he enjoys having unhealthily intimate relationships with goats.

    Thanks to his wise words I now know that my baseless prejudiced suspicion is actually proof positive that he is a goat molester.

  9. "However Gerry Kelly said the blogger must look to the future and stop dwelling on the past."

    NEVER! The past was great! A true conservative never stops looking to the glorious past! Onwards to our past glories! Lead us David Vance, lead to us to peace and prosperity - we don't need this 'peace process', we need to follow your great ideas.

  10. Vance is nothing more than a political guttersnipe. I mean that with all due literalism: he's nothing more than a child in the political scene who's been repeatedly locked out from the political process thanks to his naive, idiotic and regressive stances on just about every issue. I'm not saying he should be progressive, but a return to a state of affairs whose end was death and civil war - the end result of Vance's thinking - puts him on the same level as the Real IRA and Continuity IRA.

    That's some fucking ground to occupy.