Sunday, 17 January 2010

Harrabin-Laden. And His Bumchums.

Biased BBC pays close attention to the BBC and all its evil doings. This allows the bias-hunters to identify the real enemies in our midst; foremost among these, the Corporation's Environment Analyst, Roger Harrabin.

Harrabin-Laden - as B-BBC, with characteristic understatement, labels him - is in trouble because he has failed to condemn the Met Office quite enough for screwing up its long-range forecasts and for advancing the cause of man-made global warming.

To compound his sins, Harrabin-Laden also dared to point out that climate change sceptic Piers Corbyn, a bona-fide Biased BBC hero, was not transparent enough in his methods, something only the other side of the climate argument are required to be, apparently. Anyway, puppy-keen poster Paddy knows which way the wind blows:

Even thought Haribo is in effect admitting that he and his ecowacko bumchums have been exposed for the quacks and charlatans they are

What did you call them?

ecowacko bumchums

Green AND gay! No wonder Biased BBC is getting so overheated justifiably concerned.

its amazing how he spins it to take a dig at Corbyn.

Asking why Corbyn won't explain his methodology: Downright cheeky.

Corbyn doesn't want to tell anyone his system because its probably the old fashioned way of measuring and forcasting.

Probably? I thought we were against quacks and charlatans...

Hes probably enjoying using basic calculations on an abacus while the Met Morons stare blankly at their machine that goes ping.


You dont need a supercomputer to measure air pressure. You dont need one to collate windspeeds tides and temperatures.

A spell-checker wouldn't go amiss, though.

Just a few bits of info on a basic spreadsheet and Bob is a sibling of one of your parents.

I believe that's called genealogy, not meteorology. But we don't have time for that now.

They may want to believe in the wizard of Oz at the cru (Climatic Research Unit) and the Met (Office) but most of us no they are just small insignificant travelling salesmen selling snake oil to the gullible and those with art degrees.

I think we all no a persuasive argument when we see it, Paddy. And thanks to Biased BBC, we're always the first to no. No?

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  1. I love Paddy's avatar thingy. The one where Che morphs into Citizen Smith.

    You almost feel sorry for whoever came up with that, and I definitely feel sorry for whoever's using it thinking they're the first one who noticed.