Friday, 1 January 2010

Intelligent, Incisive And Pointless

It's always good when fresh eyes survey a familiar landmark and confirm your own first impressions. Recent arrival burbette123 takes a good look today at Biased BBC and finds it inspiring, though with one tiny defect...

The people posting are intelligent, incisive, and informative.

Our feelings precisely.

It's the content that is great.

Keeps us riveted all year.

There is one problem, however.

Is it Martin ramping up his turd fascination again? Perhaps it's time for another David Vance Potty-Mouth Purge?

The bbc is still there in its present form,

Shameful that Britain's great broadcasting institution is still up and running.

taking our money, and spouting its verbal garbage.

We want it to take someone else's money and spout their garbage.

So what on earth is the point of BIASED BBC?

It's complicated, burbette123, but basically they'd all be annoying us on high streets and in bus queues if they didn't have a place to vent their impotent rage.


  1. Burbette ought to wait until Vance's new book comes out. That will answer all questions about steaming turds at least.

  2. That's a nice observation of Burbette's. When I first visited Biased BBC I was CONVINCED it was a parody for a day or so. Then the real truth dawned on me. These people were serious. I barely even look at it anymore; the humour is drowned out by the madness, and that level of stupidity actually depresses me a little.

    Biased BBC has all the hallmarks of a typical online 'community'.

    There's the Big Dick. That's Vance. He runs the show, or thinks he does at least. He dictates the rules, the boundaries. He defines the narrative. It slowly, or not so slowly if you're Vance, becomes all about The Big Dick. The actual purpose of the site becomes forgotten, and it becomes a monument to one man's ego.

    Then there is Big Dick's Bitch. The lapdog. Robin Horbury might fall into that category. Big Dick's Bitch basically is Big Dick Lite; more or less the same shit, only it's clear he lives in awe of The Big Dick. If he could, he would kill off Big Dick and claim the title himself. A good sign of this is just how Big Dick's Bitch dominates proceedings when Big Dick takes a break - like when Horbury took over when Vance went in search of fame, fortune and hookers in Vegas.

    Then there is Obsessive Poster. Martin takes that moniker. He seems to be on all the time. Getting in responses first.

    Martin is also the winner of the Always Rude and Pointlessly Antagonistic Bastard title. In a way, this makes Martin a sort of Big Dick's Bitch Lite - as he gets away with saying things only Big Dick does. This individual is cherished by the hardcore posters, and especially Big Dick himself. He acts more like a troll than any troll would.

    Next up, is Specialist Subject Poster. Witness Sue and her regular anti-semitism posts. Valid points or not, she is clearly obsessed, and her obsession often has nothing to do with the BBC itself. Specialist Subject Poster can be annoying to many, but the regulars accept him or her if the Specialist Topic is one that gets everyone excited. And believe me, hatred of Jews gets BBC Biased abuzz with conversation. George R is another great example of Specialist Subject Poster. Every 2 minutes he posts a link form Jihadwatch, immigrationwatch or dirtysmellyforeignandmuslimwatch.

    Then there are the Ordinary Weirdos. There are plenty of these at Biased BBC. The sort of people who chip in with utterly predictable and moronic comments all the time. They are Express/Mirror reader types. Morons, basically. They happen to be experts on all current affairs events. Typically they also post on Guido Fawkes.

    My personal favourite is Conspiracy Theorist Nutjob. Used to be Atlasshrugged, now it's Cassandra. These people passionately believe that somewhere the EU have drawn up plans to kill British people in their sleep. These people used to be ignored on biased BBC,but gradually, they are seen as respectable. An interesting development that.

    Have I missed any?

  3. Yes, you've missed the point that the BBC is a biased and wholly politicized organization. You complain of their comments about you, and then proceed to such terms as "Big Dick" and "Big Dick's Bitch" about them.

    Seeing as you have bothered to actually set up an entire blog dedicated to trashing these "Ordinary weirdos" and "morons", the joke is really on you ;)

  4. Well, if it's a biased and wholly politicised organisation, anonymous, then when Labour lose the next election we can expect it to be biased toward the Conservatives. Right?

    Or you're entirely wrong, you're an American who doesn't pay for or understand the idea of the BBC as a national broadcaster, you get your impressions of it from Vance and you're pissing in the wind and utterly incorrect about OMTE complaining about their comments about him.

    I'm wondering which one is right, and when I say wondering, I mean I'm entirely sure the latter is right.