Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Haiti: Let's Take The Piss

Biased BBC, which proudly claims to be Exposing The Reporting Bias Of The BBC, has a sister blog, A Tangled Web. Both are run by the thrusting Ulster politician David Vance.

Today one of Mr Vance's star turns at ATW, Pete Moore, showed those biased twisters at the BBC how to respond to a major story:

The Haitian economy just received a boost, apparently.

Turns out that it's a joke about economists. No, really.


  1. True colours over there, eh?

  2. First thing I think of whenever I hear about a disaster is: "Now's the time for a joke about economists." It's entirely natural.

  3. As long as he doesn't thrust it into Iris Robinson...............

  4. I think this sums up that crowd pretty well, beneath all the posturing they are nasty little pricks. Sad to say it, but blogs are not the new medium of engagement, they are just opportunities for dickheads to air their opinions.

  5. And the bigger the dickhead, the stupider the opinion. You can get an awful lot of pseudo fame - the kind that comes without the productive element or the money - from just being an unemployed handjob and giving yourself the title of "consultant."

    Blogs aren't interested in engagement, they're interested in agreement. Short, sharp and simple. Left or right, stupid or whatever, they're interested in people spunking out stupid opinions for stupid, nodding dog type of agreements on subject they barely understand, let alone have any experience in.

    And if you want someone to blame for this fucking idiotic phenomenon, look no further than the slipping standards in print journalism and the rise of wankbags like Littlejohn, Phillips, Tanya Gold, Hadley Freeman, James Delingpole, Christopher Brooker, Alex Massie... uh... take your fucking pick. Because people see these anal polyps with no experience in relevant fields churning out poorly crafted opinion with as little humour as it has analytical skill in the newspaper every single fucking day, and quite rightly thinking "if they can do it, why can't I?"

    Well, the sad reality is that they can't do it. Neither group can do it. There's only a few with the requisite skill to actually make a go of it that creates enough success to generate economic success along with it. No cunt in their right mind would pay for the crap you see in the majority on Blogspot or Wordpress, and even less so to read that horrendous narcissist James fucking Dirigipole's piece of ill-informed, self-righteous conspiracy based wank. Any dipshit who willingly appears on an interview with and takes Alex Jones seriously should have their breathing privileges revoked, and if you wanted an example of why connections and Oxbridge are infinitely preferable to open competition for talent when it comes to the publishing houses, look no further than him. Also, Russel Brand's autobiography. And whichever twat decided that Wayne Rooney should have an autobio at age fucking 18.