Saturday, 9 January 2010

Turd Sniffing: Fresh, Positive & Principled

Exciting news from the ever-entrancing world of Ulster politics!

(Beside the spectre of the grimly religious Iris Robinson MP being accused of cadging dodgy money on behalf of a bereaved 19-year-old boy, demanding cashback for herself and failing to declare her dealings whilst offering a uniquely physical kind of grief counselling to the lad in question, all the time decrying gays for their abominable ways):

Anyway, even bigger news than that: Biased BBC's generalissimo David Vance is re-entering party politics! And with Traditionalist Unionist Voice, an outfit whose very name shimmers with joie de vivre, humanity and, erm, bowler hats!

His new party leader, Jim Allister, says Mr Vance is:

one of the most prolific and articulate spokesmen Unionism has produced.

And Mr Vance returns the compliment:

Under Jim Allister’s leadership TUV presents a fresh, positive and principled alternative for unionists who wish to see real change in 2010.

Readers of Mr Vance's bias-hunting blog are no strangers to fresh, positive and principled views. Here are some of the fresh, positive and principled views Biased BBC has published in the last couple of weeks on the subject of The BBC and its staff:

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Mr Vance is too modest to admit it, but he maintains the highest standards. Who can forget his mission statement for Biased BBC?

Biased BBC is and shall remain a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.
Amen to that. Oh, and No Surrender, too....


  1. You've missed off Martin's shiny new put-down: "vaseline user". He's all about the vaseline these days.

  2. I assumed it was a reference to chapped lips in these inclement days. Might I have been wrong?

  3. Iris (Mrs) Robinson9 January 2010 at 16:02

    Can I borrow some for me back passage, those young sausages are hard.

  4. It would be deeply ironic though if it was the BBC that actually indirectly lead to DV having more of a role in the political goldfish bowl of Northern Ireland.

  5. You've missed off Martin's shiny new put-down: "vaseline user". He's all about the vaseline these days.

    He really needs to get with the programme, Martin. I mean, one of two things is going on. Either Martin only rides bareback, and therefore can use Vaseline, or he doesn't know that Vaseline is an oil-based lubricant and is unsuitable for use with latex.

    Or alternatively, Martin's into the sheepskin condoms, with tolerate Vaseline.

    However, I'm going to go for "repressed homosexuality", and "completely and utterly virginal".