Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Charicteristically Luvie Propoganda

Biased BBC has two languages all of its own. One is the legendary Advanced Vance™, a dialect spoken largely by its leader, David Vance.

The other is an odd collection of words and catchphrases, most of them common to other grumpy mad right-wing fresh, alternative blog sources, but with the occasional newly coined bon mot.

The most common word in this patois is Beeboid. Today, puppy-dog keen poster Paddy has published his draft definition. With lexicograpy this good, an entry in the Oxford English Dictionary cannot be far away.

Beeboid N.

1.Member of BBC staff (Family or supporter) charicteristically anti capitalist, anti christian, anti semitic, anti american, anti science, anti tory anti western anti US republican, anti family anti royalist anti british anti murdoch anti private sector anti war anti british army anti RAF anti royal navy anti soldier sailor or airman,pro taleban, pro terrorist (IRA or islamist)pro communist pro green pro choice pro gay pro chavez pro palestinian pro castro/cuba pro al gore multiculturist pro union internationalist pro european obama obsessed pro US democrat pro alternative medicine pro islam anti democratic elitist luddite. Typically only reads the guardian usually ex member of swp or CND red wedge anti nazi league

2. Brainwashed member of the public blind to the above.

assoc. words see: Guardianista, Islington luvie, artschool trot.

derived from Beeb or BBC :anachronistic throw back to the 1950s when paternalist propoganda was encouraged on state monopolistic broadcaster. Now has no real role but remains the propaganda arm or the labour party/union movement/ green/extreme islam

Couldn't have put it better myself. Though the bit about having no real role might come as a bit of a surprise to the huge number of people enjoying, oooh, Top Gear, Radio 2, Today, Cranford, Chris Moyles, The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing, Have I Got News For You, Attenborough, East Enders and The Thick Of It. To name a few.


  1. Which begs the question, what is the definition of a Biased-Beeboid?

  2. Hate to pick holes in such a well-crafted and literate piece of work, but is it actually possible to be anti-American whilst having an obsession with Obama and being pro the US Democratic party?

    I have no doubt that the evidence for the BBC being anti-science is compelling. But as its the season of goodwill I'd rather not wade through the BBBC site to find it all.

    Its always fun to see another BBBC comment piece turning their site into an even more bizarrely irrational laughing stock.

    Merry Christmas. Even though I see that the BBC has yet again banned Christmas from its entire output - anyone who doubts this self-evident truth is a beeboid, anti-capitalist etc etc.

  3. He forgot that we're also "charicteristically" able to spell, punctuate and notice tautologies in our definitions.

    Win or lose, Merry Fucking Christmas OBME. Here's to another season of laughing at David Fucking Vance. The big cunt.

  4. I liked the rebuttal to that definition that someone made; these B-BBC people don't get irony do they? Morons. Or maybe they're the smart ones. Yes I think that's it - all that BBC has made me stupid. And a left wing al qaeda lover.

  5. Jesus Chris

    Happy Birhday.

    Happy Xmas to the rest of our reader.

  6. David Fucking Vance.

    I don't think he fornicates.

  7. I bet he does fornicate. He just thinks of Sarah Palin and has no trouble...

    Martin, however, is probably into some weird shit. Repressed types like him who bitch about everything are secretly into really insane shit.

  8. "is it actually possible to be anti-American whilst having an obsession with Obama and being pro the US Democratic party?" As an American I can honestly say that it is indeed possible to be obsessed with Osama (ahem) I mean Obama, and the US Democrap party AND be anti American. As both Obama and the Democraps are anti American themselves.