Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Non-Smoking Gun

BBC bias does not limit itself to politics, the Middle East or even Marcus Brigstocke's career. Oh, no: Al Beeb are also nicotine nazis. As ever, David Vance has been giving the subject his deepest thought:

A Biased BBC reader alerts us to this story. It concerns the sentencing of a Polish immigrant for the brutal murder of a young girl here in Northern Ireland. Scroll down the story and have a look at the image of the murdered girl.

"Their priority? To airbrush out of the tragic girl's fingers the cigarette she was smoking when photographed. Is a non-smoker's life more important than that of a smoker?"

Disgraceful. Oh, what's this?

UPDATE; Thanks to DB for making me aware that whilst this is an airbrushed image, the likelihood is that it was her family that did so. That said, when the BBC uses such airbrushed images from whatever source it seems reasonable that we challenge it.

Well worth a whinge, all the same, even though a quick flick through Google News would have shown that the same picture had appeared in local and national media. The likelihood that the BBC had messed round with it was very close to nil.

Perhaps Mr Vance could ease up a bit on spray-painting the internet with his views, and venture into the uncharted - but sometimes helpful - territory of fact-checking?


  1. Interesting that, although he concedes it was an ill-advised post, the headline remains BBC Airbrushes Reality. Were the BBC to leave up such an discredited headline, he'd be screaming blue murder.

  2. Biased BBC! Standing up to grieving families everywhere.