Monday, 14 December 2009

Hilary Benn, Monster.

Perhaps the greatest evil known to mankind, outgunning even Islam and homosexuality, is climate science. Thankfully, Biased BBC has been leading the revolt against this mumbo-jumbo, and none more valiantly than the permanently outraged Robin Horbury. Today, he's tearing apart an Environment Minister with only sarcasm as a weapon.

Hilary Benn who has spent his entire, useless life

Try not to be so conciliatory.

as a trade union official

Representing people's collective interests is inherently wrong...

and politician

…especially when they vote you into office.

after reading eastern European languages

The clincher. Down there with paedophilia.

at right-on Sussex university

(Possibly a cheap insult too far?)

has risen, by some fluke, to be a government minister with a brief to pontificate about "climate change".

Uh oh.

Not content that he and his government cronies have pledged to blow £1.5bn of our money on "carbon emissions", he is today to warn the the new world government assembled in Copenhagen that we face yet another threat - "ocean acidification".

Let's ask the American experts, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Blimey: "A growing number of studies have demonstrated adverse impacts on marine organisms."

Despite his complete lack of relevant knowledge, (Benn) somehow believes he's qualified to interpret to the world the highly complex science behind the absorption of CO2 by seawater.

Excellent point, Robin, only slightly marred by the reality that few politicians have technical qualifications in the subjects they administer.

Of course, to him and his fanatical brethren, it's another huge threat, another reason to spend billions of our money on vast nonsense schemes.

Perhaps. But he doesn't appear to be demanding vast nonsense schemes. Only more research.

For the BBC and its expert environment correspondent Richard Black, it's a top story that must be breathlessly reported without qualification or challenge.

Odd for an environment correspondent to report on a major speech by the Environment Secretary at a global conference. Very odd.

And without reference to latest scientific papers that suggest that the whole thing is a load of more, poisonous hot air.

Be fair. Biased BBC can't keep all the poisonous hot air to itself.


  1. Something is wrong over there. The great leader HRH Vance has only posted six times on b-bbc this week!

    Why is this?

    I conclude he has been reading this blog..


  2. Despite his complete lack of relevant knowledge, Robin Horbury somehow believes he's qualified to interpret to the world ... anything at all, really.

  3. My new fave on B-BBC is 'enzo'. The only person attempting to outdo mad Cassandra.

    And where has Vancey gone???

  4. This can't be Robin Horbury, the apparent journalist of whom there is no record of him publishing anywhere apart from huffing and puffing on blog? For shame, I found him so rational, well informed and balanced.

    I quite liked this:

    Enquiring minds will see dear old Robin's "credibility" may have dropped a tad since he got into bed with Mr Vance.

  5. But I really liked this:

    Adam: "I'm a marine biologist. Well, I was in a previous life." [Followed by polite, relatively jargon-free explanation of why B-BBC's commentariat's solutions to CO2 saturation in the oceans are a bit bonkers]

    Cue Cassandra with some absolute gems:

    "Your post is what we call in the trade a 'snow job' more commonly known as 'bullshit baffles brains'

    "In essence your long winding post just confirms the lack of actual firm hard evidence based knowledge"

    "In my experience as an instructer"

    Priceless. Interesting to learn Cassie has a trade. Any guesses what it might be? But I loved the reply even more:

    "Oh well. I thought that was a fairly simple explanation of some of the flaws in Mailman's argument based on several years studying just that kind of marine biological system, and having read countless papers on it going back to the 60s.

    You obviously know a lot more about it than me though, so fair enough."

  6. Trust you participated in the 30 minutes silence that the BBC provided for us to reflect on that awful attack on a leader of the Free World-Berlusconi no less. Who says that the church doesn`t matter now?
    The half hours silence was in fact Marcus Brigstockes new comedy vehicle( Charlie Carollis estate would like it back!)and have decided not to recycle my cans any more but to fill them with laughter and send them to Marcus instead. Keep those Winterval cracker jokes and send them to Bruton so Marcus might yet become the Djemba Djemba of our team with a bit of practice!

  7. Hands off Hilary Benn!
    This mighty class warrior of the people seems to be the son of Tony...spent his life being suckered by nuclear power and big energy as I recall.
    NO-Tony did more did something else-he spent years trying to get the Queens head off the stamps when he was Postmaster General(how many letters did HE ever post?)-a life not wasted!

    A wasted life then-but compared to his clueless son(not even considered to be worth the Deputy leader of that useless rump of NuLabor!)then he makes Hilary look like-well what Labour MPs registered in their votes in fact!
    As Giggs still trails down the left wing-think on this ludicrous father and son who tripped over the touchline before a ball got kicked!
    Class warriors-my beanie!

  8. You're a particulary shit, stupid and crass troll, chrish.

    The idiot troll form died back in 2002, so that there is just class A toolboxery.

    Actually, I don't think you're a troll. I just think you're fucking stupid. So, sorry.