Saturday, 12 December 2009

Something About Dancing Rabbits And Mad People

There are many unpalatable truths in the world of Biased BBC, but the biggest one is that everyone lets you down in the end, even the Conservatives. Much wailing and gnashing, then, when the Tories, far from kicking the PM's climate-saving efforts at Copenhagen, offer more of the same.

As ever, soothsayer Cassandra King has the definitive take:

Its like we are locked into a nightmare reality where right is wrong and lies are the truth and black is white and where so called intelligent people act like cretins and get applauded for it, where gibberish is spoken and people cheer.

Couldn't put it better myself.

Led by a certified mental case into ruination, with a so called opposition just as keen to follow the madness, its like peering into the mind of a demented lunatic,

A Tangled Web, and no mistake.

all it needs are dancing rabbits and talking turtles!

Plus Grizzly Mamas.

I am struggling to comprehend the utter madness of it all, its like witnessing the dance of the insane through the eyes of the mad.

Brave of you to be so harsh about Biased BBC. Kudos, Cassie.


  1. That's why I'm recreating the internet to be like it was in 2002, when morons had trouble using it, when Wordpress was software and not a service, and when David Vance still stood on his box halfway up the Falls Road shouting about how all Catholics are cunts.

    Oh, wait, Vancey never did that, did he...

  2. I remember the first time Ain't it Cool News turned on comments. What an exciting new adventure! And I still recall the sinking feeling I had as I read them. The internet wasn't a nice club of smart people after all.
    People are idiots. And now they can spray their opinions across the world 24/7

  3. Come on Dave! Cheer up!
    Think on the quandary that the threatened airline strike at BA presents us with!
    All those eco-warriors with no flights home-surely this is good for mother earth and we should all celebrate their sacrifices in the cause of carbon reduction-bung the credits onto Kyoto if you want!
    Surely Obama and the like could share their planes and drop our dreadlocked heroes over the UK as they pass. It`s what the polar bears would have wanted surely!
    Imagine all those virgin ski slopes without Paxman and Wark troubling them-surely we should rejoice at this news!
    Hats off to BA I say!

  4. You're not a very good troll, chrish.