Saturday, 19 December 2009

Imagine A Warped Idea Of Heaven. It's Easy If You Try.

Just when you think the BBC couldn't get any worse, they shock you by doing something even nastier. Biased BBC's resident fortune-teller Cassandra King has consulted her crystal ball and found out who the Beeb will be sending Valentines to come February. Marxist thugs, that's who:

The BBC has a strange collective love affair with leftist dictators the world over,

Must be why Mugabe has banned them. He's embarrassed by all the love.

they seem to forgive any sin and any wrongdoing and overlook any crimes however brutal if the object of their corporate affection is Marxist/leftist/dictatorial socialist/left wing revolutionary.

Unlike that nice Mr Murdoch, who pulled Chris Patten's book from his publishing company lest if offend the Chinese leadership.

This groupthink soft spot leads them to support the grubby Cuban dictatorship of Castro and his nasty brother,

Apparently it was only a greedy agent who stopped Fidel being signed to replace Wogan.

BTW they would be ejected in a free election straight away which is obviously why Cuba does not have free elections.

And I always thought it was the poor showing of the Lib Dems in Havana North East.

Torture,murder,brutality,corruption,poverty and thug rule seem to be fine and dandy to the BBC.

How else will they get the staff to move to Salford?

I have often wondered why the BBC is drawn to such despots who squash freedom like stepping on a bug,

Be fair. Sir Alex Ferguson refuses to speak to them.

is it the ultimate power these despots wield?

Almost certainly. That and the T-shirts.

Is it the love of the dictatorship where one message and one way is the the rule enforced by brutality and cruelty?

Mainly the T-shirts. Che looking pensive. That kind of thing.

The BBC seem to have a perverted wish to be the Marxist revolutionary struggles mouthpiece, one will, one desire, one goal, the singular will bound by the socialist ideal?

Not? sure? why? that? is? framed? as? a? question?

To normal freedom loving democrats the thought of living in a nightmare totalitarian thugocracy is a vision of hell but to the BBC collective it must be their warped idea of heaven.

Must be.

Imagine the BBC as the sole mouthpiece of a dictatorship the power and authority to lord it over the common scum, the prestige and wealth and connections it would give them.

Must be the unpublished fourth verse. A little harder to sing than Imagine there's no countries. It isn't hard to do. But arguably truer to Lennon's vision.

It makes my skin crawl to think of the BBC reaching out for their goal of a new EUSSR dictatorship.

Be careful. That's what they want you to think.


  1. Funny, that. As mouthy as he is, here's me thinking that he was democratically elected. Or does being democratically elected and supported in numerous UN monitored elections and plebiscites only count if the party in question is the BNP? Hmmm. Democracy: the right of things I agree with to exist.

    I do like this quote though:

    "If the climate was a bank the West would have saved it by now."

    Touche, Mr. Chavez.

  2. I think we should adopt the vision of democracy favoured by Mr Vance's pet Grizzlies. A majority elects a politician like Obama, fair enough. But when he tries to bring in laws consistent with his mandate, you are entitled to take up arms against him because he's not doing what you, personally, would like him to do. It's The Constitution, Stupid.

  3. Well so much for the tired stereotypes: it appears that some of the misanthropes who post abuse on angry sites such as B-BBC may well be Liberal Democrat councillors...