Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Killing In The Name Of: Your Home Contents Policy.

An Englishman's home is his castle. And the home of a Biased BBC chap comes equipped with means of lethal assault, which an incoming Tory Government will apparently encourage him to use on burglars (and presumably anyone else who strays within his own personal Green Zone without prior security clearance). Leading social commentator Martin has discovered that the BBC Quislings are not being supportive enough of such sensible measures.

Typical BBC.

Yeah. But how?

On the attack over the Tories plan to change the law on criminals getting a good kicking.

Are we sure that's Tory policy?

Radio 5 phone in has some fat ugly female beeboid spouting her left wing liberal garbage

Are there any BBC women who do not fit that bill?

spouting her left wing liberal garbage about 'poor criminals'

They wouldn't need to be criminals if they were rich. Be fair.

and (spouting about) all those nasty right wing callers thinking it's OK to kill someone who might only be in your home to get a bit of cash for some smack.

Heroin would be a valid medical reason to burgle you, so no to murder on that. But if they need money to pay off a loan shark, then you can kill them. So long as you do it painfully.

I have something called Google which if you type in the beeboids name gives you pictures of them. Anyway it was Shelagh fogherty, she is fat and very ugly.

Valid grounds for summary execution in itself.

Can't wait for the Sharia to come into force here. Female beeboids kept at home, beaten and raped on a daily basis. They will love that.

And so will you, Martin. Be honest.


  1. Take your point about heroin. But what if they owe the loan shark money BECAUSE they're on heroin. Will the scum be able to avoid my home gallows at that point? And will I be vilified as the murdering scum that they would have been if I hadn't garrotted them first?

  2. I think Martin is a computer programme designed to spew out random nuttiness. Like a sort of right-wing HAL.

  3. @Dan

    From HAL9000: "I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going."

    Works in the B-BBC context, too. Good spot.

  4. The at what point is Martin going to shut up and let his personality die?