Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The BBC: 95% Terrorist-Supporting

Even the holiest date on the Christian calendar is just another day for The BBC to betray all that is good about our society. Biased BBC's soothsayer Cassandra King has turned her back on the mince pies and the prezzies to reveal how al Beeb desecrated the Christmas truce and crossed no-man's land to join with our terrorist foes.

The BBC are peddling the line that the terrorist attack on the US Delta jet was in fact a "Christmas day failed bomb plot"!!!

Jesus H Christ! Did the plane actually go down? Surely they wouldn't try to hide something like that?

The BBC have a way with words dont they?

They'll never get away with it.

The truth is that the actual terrorist attack was succesful...

You'll be telling me that Neil Armstrong's moon-walk was all got up by Hollywood next.

... succesful in all but igniting the explosives


which failed by a miracle and a passenger who battled the terrorist.

Don't want to poop on your party, Cassie, but the key word there might just be failed. As in failed bomb plot.

The success of the terrorist mission can be measured in more ways than just whether they brought down the airliner


the attempt to smuggle a bomb on a jet was successful, the fear and alarm it spread was successful, the costs and delays this attack has brought about was successful, the free advertising and media attention for the terrorists was a successful outcome for the terrorists.

Y-e-e-e-s. But as bomb plots go, it, erm, failed.

This was not a failed plot it was a 95% successful terrorist attack that succeeded in most of its aims.

Brilliant. John McCain's bid for the presidency was, ooh, at least 90% successful. And Joe Wotsit's dreary X-Factor hit was a 95% successful Xmas No 1. Have you ever considered PR as a career?

The BBC supporting terrorists and evil for years, with your money of course!

Might be me, but if I was a terrorist I'd be looking for something a bit more supportive than the words failed bomb plot. Matter of taste, I know.


  1. Rather brilliantly the B-BBCoids are being asked for their favourite moment of BBC "bias" from the past 12 months.
    So that's 365 fearless days exposing bias and they best they've come up with so far is Anita Anand in an Obama bobble hat.
    Thank God these people are watching over us.

  2. How can Cassie say that the BBC claim it was an unsuccesful bomb plot, and yet that is proof the beeb support the terrorists? That's sloppy logic, even by her standards.

    You can find plenty of her comments on Iain Dales blog and Guido Fawkes too. Just put 'cassandra king iain dale' into google, for example. Spreading her shit all over the web. Can't we license these people? An electronic tag for online use?

  3. Better not tell her that Fox is calling it failed as well:

  4. I think they're all a bit hate filled people on bias bbc, and Vance's Irish site. He promotes people of that ilk, like the Grizzleys' and Andrew McCann on the Irish site, while promoting the 'eye' and his bile on biased bbc. Of course I'm not sure as to whether or not the 'lets slam the bbc site' is his or not, but he does appear to be in control of it.

    The awful truth is you won't erradicate hate from those who chose to embrace it, and spread it around out there. Until one of them crosses the line and incites hatred, if they haven't crossed the line already. I don't understand how they get away with some of the bile they put out there. They're against everything but the white Anglo Saxon prod, and poor Vance without realising it isn't even Anglo Saxon, but a bastardised Irish poor relation. Gawd help the nation if he were to have been born a true English man!