Monday, 14 December 2009

Bashing The Bishop

In centuries to come, archaeologists will scour the remains of the web for the earliest beginnings of the language they will revere as Advanced Vance™, the bastard blend of bloggery and blowhard which so distinguishes David Vance's contributions to Biased BBC.

He's in fine form today, bashing the bishop who dared find a foothold for talks with the Taliban.

Poor old Bishop Venner - he has come running to the BBC

Classic Advanced Vance™. Come Running = Gave An Interview.

to say that he is sorry if anyone has taken offence at his suggestion that the Taliban could be admired.

Chief Sky Pilot to Our Boys apologises to the nation. Bit of a scoop for al Beeb, surely?

Using the normal political formulation for something that looks like an apology but actually isn't,

Advanced Vance™: Actually Isn't = Hasn't Grovelled And Then Thrown Himself On Sword Yet.

he digs the hole deeper by adding...

Advanced Vance™: Digs The Hole Deeper = Explains Himself But Not In A Way We Approve Of.

"It was one small phrase in quite a long interview, and a phrase that simply said you cannot describe everybody under one heading as Taliban as being equally black, equally evil. These are human beings and there are some amongst them who could - we don't know - who could perhaps be people with whom at the end of the day we could do business."

On all fours with various world leaders, then, including Obama and Miliband and even a former commander of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Moral equivocation is very much at the heart of the BBC agenda

Advanced Vance™: Moral Equivocation = Willingness To Negotiate. From the man who thinks the Northern Irish peace process was a terrible mistake.

and so it must be a dream for them that this clerical clown comes out and praises Jihadists for their devotion to Islam.

Which is why they give his apology top billing. Because they love Jihad so much. Naturally.


  1. Naturally.

    Don't you mean 'natch'?

    the bastard blend of bloggery and blowhard

    Very good.


    robin horbury - big news at the telegraph

  3. I enjoyed this from The Telegraph;

    "Most believers in AGW (who I accept include the majority of scientists in this field) "

    But what do pesky scientists know, eh?

  4. Yeah those damned scientists, specialising in a field and studying it for decades. What do they know? I'm far more interested in what some bloke on his blog "reckons".