Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ethnically Adulterated And Contaminated Compliments Of The Season

Try as it might, the world of Biased BBC cannot quite muster the bonhomie necessary to get us all through the holiday season. Special mention must go to David Vance's Irish blog, which has on offer a weird mixture: On one hand, kitsch You Tube Xmas carols; on the other a diatribe of such grumpy malice / sheer misanthropy/ crystalline analysis that the words Bah Humbug actually surface at the bitter end.

Yuletide thanks, then, to the redoubtable Andrew McCann, whose bracing monologues have been a feature of Biased BBC and A Tangled Web for some time. His profound sense of proportion is best summed up in the open letter he wrote to the BBC last summer, demanding more coverage of John McCain:

I certainly do not want to see someone (Future President Obama) whose paternal ancestry shares the same religion as the evil-doers who killed 3,000 people in New York City seven years ago

Here then, Mr McCann's blogging equivalent of In The Bleak Midwinter, (with comments disabled, as is usual for his sermons):

Although I wish most of you a very Happy Christmas, I'll find it hard to practice what I preach when it comes to Yuletide jollity. For I can never be truly happy/merry whilst the country that I love continues its death rattle thanks to the demographic and financial catastophes being visited upon it by this foul government.

Seasons Greetings to you, too, my good man.

For when the Christmas festivities are over, we'll still be subjected to Labour's cruel rule for another God knows how many months until Slug, Lord Ponce-onby, Ed (deserves a kick in the) Balls, Harridan Harperson and the rest of the traitors are unceremoniously booted from power.

Slug! Lord Ponce-onby! Kick Ed's Balls! Why, sir, you spoil us with your Christmas Cracker jovial political humour!

Yes, I agree with Pete Moore and others that Cameron's team are far from the mould of Thatcherite conservatism this country desperately needs a good dose of. On the other hand, anything short of the resurrection of the Khmer Rouge would be preferable to this stinking camarilla.

Anything short of the Khmer Rouge? Combat 18 perhaps?

What follows is an economics gloom-fest based on a 10-year-old article by Hamish McRae. And then….

What about all the other ways in which we have become poorer as a country!? When McRae wrote this article, Britain still had significant areas of independence from the EU; it was distinctly less ethnically adulterated and contaminated than it is now; the cancer of radical Islam had yet to materialise - encouraged by the rampant multiculturalism nurtured by the Left;

Impossible not to be moved by the sheer spirit of Christmas in that phrase: ethnically adulterated and contaminated….

the question of the Union with Scotland was not in any doubt as the Mary Shelley devolution experiment was still in its infancy; apologists for IRA terror had not been elevated to high office; we had better financed/equipped armed forces than we have today - even though they were not called upon to undertake international ventures at the time. All these facts represent the scars of more than a decade of Left-wing rule.

You tell 'em Andrew. And the fact that Scottish devolution and the Ulster Assembly both resulted from democratic votes counts for nothing, either.

Please forgive me for my 'bah humbug' attitude this Christmas.

Not at all. God Bless Us Every One!

Till December 27th, ciao!

You've earned your rest, Andy. Take a month off. Or more.


  1. Bizarre that McCann is the only poster on Tangled Web to have all his comments disabled. It makes you wonder if it springs from the same source as his dislike of devolution - the public can't really be trusted to contribute.

  2. Ha!
    Suprised there hasn't been any bitching about the portrayal of Barack Obama on that serious current affairs programme, Doctor Who. It's even run by a gay man! It's like B-BBC's version of gold at the end of a rainbow...