Friday, 18 December 2009

Produces Large Onion From Waistcoat

Anyone who doubts that crocodiles do produce tears has not read David Vance's farewell to Terry Wogan today. Apparently A Light Has Gone Out At The BBC. Police are looking for an Ulsterman with a large catapult.

Sorry to see Sir Terry Wogan broadcast his final early morning show.

The Muslims have seen him off. Or the gays. No, wait. The Feminazis.

I think he was one of the few stars left in the BBC crown

Only Jeremy Clarkson left.

and when Chris Evans take his place in January I shall not be listening.

Unless he says something you'd like to whinge about.

Sir Terry's genial charm, lack of vulgarity

Say that again...

lack of vulgarity

I thought you said that.

and common decency

That, too. Could this be the same Biased BBC which thinks A Cunt Like A Stamped Bat is a hilarious witticism?

will be missed by many people and he leaves the BBC looking a poorer place.

Funny you should say that. Given how hard you work to make every moment the BBC produces feel like the end of civilisation itself.

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