Monday, 21 December 2009

Oi, Gandalf: Shut It.

Just as the Eskimos are supposed to have 40 words for snow, Biased BBC's acclaimed Ulster dialect Advance Vance™ has myriad ways of showing an unhealthy fascination with / a creepy disgust about / a rounded interest in homosexuality:

I see that Andrew Marr was able to provide gay activitist and luvvie Ian McKellan

AV™: A gay man on TV? That's disgraceful.

Marr was able to provide …. Ian McKellan with a soap-box this morning.

AV™: He interviewed him like thousands of other guests. But gays are always good for a whinge.

McKellan is able to spout

AV™: He opens his mouth and words come out. How dare he?

all sorts of imagined "homophobic" allegations against our society in general

AV™: Gays have only one problem we need to worry about. They're homosexual.

without any challenge from Marr.

AV™: (Sir Ian was talking - though only briefly - about anti-bullying initiatives in schools). Marr should have spoken up for bullies.

The BBC is an established forum...

AV™: Established forum = a broadcaster broadcasting stuff which I find uncomfortable for reasons I'd rather not discuss.

for the advocacy of...

AV™: Advocacy = taking any interest at all in a subject I dislike

gay propaganda.

AV™: Gay propaganda = anything which reminds the world that individuals can live in ways I disapprove of.


  1. I don't know what Marr was thinking of. Bullying's very good for you, and he should have demanded that McKellen use his acting skills to think up some good put-downs for pooves and everyone else Biased BBC has it in for.

  2. I'm not gay, but I'd blow Vance if he'd just admit he loves the cock.

  3. Do you think he isn't getting any from the missus? Maybe he masturbates thinking of boys.