Friday, 18 December 2009

Dropping Anchor In Poo Bay

Biased BBC has been championing for some time now a clear-out in the stale ranks of BBC Comedy, festering as it is with Marxists, Climate Change Fascists and Muslim Groupies. A vital task, but where might we find some fresh talent to lead Auntie Beeb in bold new directions?

Why, here's B-BBC regular the Beebinator with four lines of sparkling wit and repartee! Let's kill The Now Show and give Arnie's British cousin a crack at the chuckle crown:

Beeboid 1: Hello sailor fancy some shore leave

Beeboid 2: yes, shall we drop anchor in poo bay

Beeboid 3: i've got cocaine can i join in as well

Beeboid 4: i'm doing research into homosexuality

in a warming climate due to catastrophic

human induced climate change, can i watch

Ho. Um. Ho.


  1. Martin gets to the heart - sorry, bottom - of the matter:

    if homosexuals were executed the BBC would be a ghost town

  2. And then all the ghostly gays would put the willies up Martin.
    Which he would hate. Obnov.

  3. I'm not sure whether to read Martin's comment as a joke or a serious suggenstion.

    Also that twat Beebinator forgot to hint that all four Beeboids are/fellate Muslims and that the whole exchange took place in the Frankfurt School. Amateur.