Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Throatslitting-underpantsniffing-bottomlicking-bedwetting-cokesnorting BBC

Good to see that other cesspits of British broadcasting bias have been getting it in the neck from the righteous David Vance. The scumbags at 4, for example:

Channel 4 is a revolting immoral sewer

The brilliant thing about Biased BBC is that it knows revolting sewers when it sees them. It should have no difficulty recognising the following, for instance:

BBCfags Goebbelsian ar$ehole the stinking gene pool of talent at the Beeb biased monkey effluent Pravda socialist mutants quasi-Maoist The VILE Gabby Logan hard core left wing liberal tory hating gits love affair with the Taliban the buggers broadcasting communism febrile leftie scum 'journalists' senile old codger The BBC are literally having on air orgasms camp male beeboids 1 wall, 20 thousand wooden posts, Some willing riflemen (I'd be up for it) fat ugly wart faced smelly white barking mad old lesbian White Fat Cow stoking up anti-Semitism insufferable middle class ponce tosser really is a tool liberal white sneering luvvie the limp wristed elite that run the BBC the pointless faggotry the BBC craps out mindless moronic mouthpieces a block of hard core leftists a vile woman leftist scum scary-looking dyke the One Show is a turd cocaine queue at BBC TV centre fat, ugly prick chubby, annoying tit vile the very dopey and talentless Stephanie Flanders Thicko Steph that oaf Dimbleby handwringing lefty bedwetters with no experience in anything useful wouldn't know what happened in the real world if it came up to them and attached its teeth to their feeble, shrunken genitals leftist scum institutionally anti-semitic Mardell is a moron Cocaine addled twats BBC employees kiss muslim ass Lying for allah fat ugly female beeboid if you dozy fat female beeboid dykes love Sharia so much why don't you piss off to live in Saudi Arabia then BBC lesbians you stupid drug using beeboids a BBC that just can't stop sniffing Gordon's stained underpants licking the bottoms of every Liebour politician including Mandy Ugh! slit the throat of this bloated drug infested left wing cesspit of turd sniffers very very camp male beeboid why do all male beeboids act so camp on TV Highly excited Obama loving male beeboids The BBC really needs to be executed all Beeb employees should be part of a trial - forced sterilization you wretched little faggot lefty tosser video was shot by some other fag camp male beeboid Shitman you thick camp beeboid stinking BBC Michael Prick on Newsnight crap drug addled beeboids are down there in the sewer prick very camp looking male beeboids twisting the truth another stupid camp beeboid devoid of any talent don't fret that massive, hideous, shit-filled head of yours The ugly guy has a mutantly huge alien head. I mean, it is massive and weird. The BBC are almost masturbating live on TV Last time 20,000 beeboids got so excited was when they were told there were 6 new 12 year old Albanian rent boys on Hampstead Heath an arse utter shite He really is an arsehole

All of it aimed at the BBC and its staff, and all of it ushered along the pristine u-bend that is Biased BBC itself, in recent weeks. It's always good to remind ourselves of David Vance's proud boast about his blog:

Biased BBC is and shall remain a place for civilised debate and attempts to suggest otherwise are pathetic.

Indeed. Yes indeed.


  1. Wow. That's a whole encyclopaedia of prejudices and childish resentment all in a nasty great lump. It makes you wonder whether they wouldn't be better off going and doing something a bit more rewarding, just to get their minds of all that spite. Like badger-baiting. Or bus-shelter vandalism.

  2. You should make a wordle of one of their threads, would look quite pretty, a pretty pattern made out of 'turd' and 'muslim'

  3. It's tempting to assume that it's all a bit tongue in cheek. But it isn't. On the other hand, the commentariat at Biased BBC don't seem to be the most - how can we put this - socially useful group of people on the planet. Perhaps it's a useful place for them to gather. Sort of day centre for the terminally angry and the obsessively paranoid.

  4. Quick, everyone get over to the Question Time Liveblog and vote for the programme as "The most exciting ever!"

    My single vote has taken 3% of the vote, so I reckon if twenty more people do it, then we can officially bias their results. Bias! The irony!