Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Taliban: Gay Icons

Which response might this image conjure up?

1. It's OK. I've got Cat Stevens on my iPod.

2. Me? British? Whatever gave you that impression?

3. Take the phone and the wallet but please don't hurt me.

4. Meet me down the sauna, big boy, and let me feel your heat-seeking missile.

Wally tells Biased BBC readers that the correct answer is (4). Al Beeb is gay for Jihadis:

The BBC news frontpage on their website has a pic of a typical taliban.

More than one by the look of it.

The romanticised photo of a young mujahid - face covered in a scarf, that streams behind him in the wind, so that only his eyes can be seen, fixed dramatically on the horizon, as he totes a machine gun


(It) has proved a little too much for Harry's Place. Their entry dealing with it is headed: "Tali-hunk,

Hunk, you say.

"I can’t imagine why young men might want to leave their drab Northern British towns to go fight with the Taliban."

On the one hand, less rain. On the other, more sudden death.

It's third hand, I know,

An improvement on the Biased BBC standard, nevertheless.

but a poster on Guido's once claimed to know a doctor who had told him that he had never met one of these 'much vaunted FCO Arabists who was not a sodomite.'

All gay. Even the women. And your source is compelling.

Michiner's novel, 'The Source' has one Israeli character claiming that (public school educated) British officers favoured Arabs over Jews, in the early days of the Mandate,

Clinching proof. Is there more?

because they found the thought of galloping through the desert night sitting on the back of a white stallion shared with a bedouin gave them a bigger thrill than that of dealing with people they knew mainly as tailors, shopkeepers and businessmen.

Case closed. Yet I see you're not finished…

A poster on Harry's Place wrote rhapsodically about how he had been one of an all boys together group in a Morocan hamman - they had all wanted to take theirswimming trunks off but knew it would be wrong.

But oh so right. No doubt.

I wonder if something of the same drive lies behind much of the Islamophilia disolayed by the BBC.

Yes indeed. Taliban big on gay lust in steam rooms. And BBC types right behind them.

Since, by all accounts, Talibs stand out in northern Pakistan towns because of their filthy, unkempt appearance, I'm sure they could have found a more realistic photo.

Or Photoshopped it at the very least. The Unkempt Tool is so underused by the Mainstream Media.


  1. I friend of my doctor's once read a post on Tory Bear* where someone revealed that they were passing an open window in Islington when the sound of several BBC types rapsiding about Arab cock floated out onto the middle class air. Probably.

    *Not a right-wing website for friendly, chubby fellas. I've checked.

    (Word verification "Fustomos" which I presume is a condensing of Fusty and Homos. Which seems appropriate)

  2. Something wrong with my Gaydar, apparently. I had them down as Second Amendment types, freely exercising their Right To Bear Arms.

  3. Poor David Vance; the BBC is bad for his blood pressure apparently.

  4. A poster on this website once probably had a doctor very similar to the doctor who might well have advised Wally to pack in his nascent career as a pundit on account of his understated gay-focussed Tourette's.

  5. I bet Martin dreams about this picture tonight.