Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What We Want Is Dead Presenters

Perhaps it's the celtic temperament, but David Vance often reminds us of the great Sir Alex Ferguson: Red-faced, ranting and gifted with a blind spot the size of Scotland.

Plus he's brilliant at encouraging young talent. Here he is, warming up young Chris Hartnett for a go at posting on Biased BBC. Chris is taking the Vidic role, and today he's marking the West Stand's latest hate figure, Marcus Brigstocke:

Just back from a few days away to find that one Robin Ince has got a science/comedy programme series starting today. Robin is a sidekick of Ricky Gervais and had Dara O` Briain on as a guest.

Worth a listen. Thanks for the tip.

My problem is this-all three are militant atheists...

Militant? Are there weapons involved?

militant atheists who have appeared at various functions to mock Christmas amongst other things.

They tell Xmas-themed jokes, then.

This is not to say that they may not be funny...

That would be helpful in a comedy programme.

I don`t know...but can I assume that their atheism is a major link in them all getting commissions and the invitations on each others shows.

Almost certainly. There's a secret handshake they all do. Then they're quids in.

Wonder if, in the cause of "balance", we will now get a few Christians being able to appoint each other in an unthreatening and lucrative way?

God, no. Apart from Songs Of Praise, Thought For The Day, The Daily Worship, last year's glossy drama series about Jesus and lots more, Christians never get a look-in.

It seems to me that a Marcus Brigstocke would never get a platform to go on Question Time as a " comedian" if his brother was not something big at the Beeb

Disgraceful, if true. (Sadly, it's not. Dominic Brigstocke, if that's who you're thinking of, is a freelance director.)

Just feel that there is a rather creepy consensus going at by the BBCs commissioning types-same prep schools, same names and certainly same views on Europe,on "global warming" and on Christianity

It's Health And Safety gone mad. Plus being funny helps.

(but not too much said about Islam-cannot think why!)

Perhaps you missed Brigstocke's commentary on the Iranian elections? He had a go at that vicious little thug Ahmedinejad and his Islamo-freaky bosses.

Looking forward to the BBC doing a "Family Tree" type programme on who knows who from where-and who gets to "be funny" at the taxpayers expense!

They wouldn't dare: Oh, hang on...apart from the 50 episodes of Comedy Connections on BBC One.

P.S-Couldn`t help but notice that we recently celebrated the first anniversary of the Ross and Brand incident with Leonard Sachs...surely this was an "iconic" moment on which contemporary BBC protocols and procedures were forged in the white heat of controversy and drame

Dyno-rod? Got a problem with our drames. When can you get here?

-why then no programme to mark those tremendous events of late Oct/Nov last year?

Great idea: Let's demand a whole week of shows across all channels and all media. ITV are planning a month of programmes on the anniversary of their premium-phone-line-voting embarrassments, I'm sure.

I`m sure Paxman and Wheeler were by the wall in Lime Grove with fireworks so there MUST be some archive filmstock left...

Now that I'd pay to see. Charles Wheeler had been dead five months by the time Sachsgate happened. What was Paxman thinking of?

Update: Chris is given another post this morning to make himself clear, though his name changed mysteriously from Hartnett to Bartlett. And then back again:

Paxman could not be found anywhere near the revolutions of 89-none of them!...but still the archive film shows him shouting at Charles Wheeler when the firework display was an-old Reagans bit at the wall previously was left on the shelf,due to lack of time and never "editorial bias".

Glad you cleared that up. And a big thanks to David Vance for boosting young talent, irrespective of its ability to make sense. Or the variability of its surname. God Bless your noble heart, sir.


  1. So Dara O'Briain's appearance on a science/comedy programme might not have had anything to do with the fact that he has a degree in maths and theoretical physics? Of course not. Silly me!

    Given that Leonard Sachs died in 1980, it might be wise to ignore everything Chris Hartnett says. I'm just saying.

  2. That's probably why he wanted Charles Wheeler to present it. They'd have something in common.

  3. If you put your head against your computer and listen very, very carefully... you can hear the last threads linking the B-BBCoids to reality softly snapping.
    As quiet as ovaries falling on oatmeal.

  4. You never see or hear Christians like Tim Vine, Frank Skinner, Milton Jones, or Ian Hislop on BBC comedy shows. It's a scandal, I say! (Actually, I wish the atheist mafia would ban Milton Jones, but that's another story.)

  5. There's a large half page advert in BBC in-house mag, Ariel today for the 3 Christmas carol concerts being given in London by BBC staff in aid of charity. Plenty more across the country.
    Satan worshippers the lot of 'em.

  6. I think the latest post from Charles is the final nail in the coffin of B-BBC.

  7. Hugely enjoyable rubbish this!
    "This I`d pay to see"-readily available pal..and for free!
    When the Berlin wall had "fallen"-Wheeler was interviewed by Paxman at the Brandenburg Gate but could not be heard above the fireworks.They managed to be late for the real revolutions because they were scared of not getting accreditation for their forays into Eastern Europe. The churches and good people like Havel and Walesa brought the wall down with the mass of good people fed up with being lied to and patronised by paid licenced quislings-bit like yourselves maybe? Not much mention of this though was there?
    Independent Dominic Brigstocke in Hutton maybe?...his schooling? many questions!
    Any views on Marcus` private school education or the Lee,Jupitus,Thomas,Steel,Addison,O`Briain rise to prominence being somewhat linked to their vogueing regarding an intolerant and sneering athiesm? If Gervais is your dipstick then luvaduck!...they are not all as funny are they?
    Pile of crap from too many lunchtime legends with too much times on their hands . That a blog is worthy of a line by line critique as if it was Shakespeare-truly you might need to get yourselves educated into having an opinion worth such attention ! Check that spellchecker too-do dynorod "do" drames?
    Still lets finish on a positive! Quite right about Leonard Sachs!Should have been Andrew-ask your chums at the Beeb if Krisalnacht was not and 1989! Free history lesson too. Go figure!

  8. The above blog of course should read Kristallnacht-even a modern language for you there(German in case you`re interested!)

  9. Shakespeare and Biased BBC. Precisely the connection I was aiming for. Well spotted.

  10. Dear Anonymous!
    Interested in your insight into the Ariel magazines content!
    Due to the Christmas rush you have inadvertedly omitted to give us your name. Whither transparency and accountability in these "challenging times"? . The rest of us have ;and those "unattributable briefings" are so Ceausescu are they not?
    A little courage my friend...nail those colours bravely to the flagship and let us sail!