Monday, 27 July 2009

Give War A Chance

Biased BBC honcho David Vance is furious that the BBC should be reporting the Foreign Secretary's ideas on Afghanistan. They remind him of Ulster, where a terrible thing happened in 1998: Everyone signed up to a peace process, ending 30 years of bloody civil war. St. Vance fought bravely against this with the UK Unionist Party, but was, astonishingly, humiliated at the polls. Time to show some support:


Could I humbly suggest that we add another "B" to B-BBC...and call ourselves Brave Biased BBC?

This feeling has been growing in me for a while, but it was this piece which compelled me to speak out:

Appeasing evil is pretty much all that Miliband and his ilk are capable of doing and they can be assured of a sympathetic hearing from the moral relativists that infest the BBC.

Brave because the BBC has no business reporting the views of the Foreign Secretary and certainly not the Secretary of State for International Development. And we alone are brave to say so.

Second, the comparison with Northern Ireland is lunatic. The British Government created the fiction here that there were "good" and "bad" terrorists - little consolation to the next of kin of their victims.

Brave because ten years of peace in Northern Ireland is a very bad idea, especially after 30 years of brutal civil war. Peace Process indeed.

Brave for you personally because your own activities in Ulster politics, with a party rejecting the Good Friday settlement, were so cruelly rejected by the electorate there. (4% dropping to 1.5% if I remember correctly)

There is, as Sir Winston Churchill once put it, NO point of compromise between the fireman and the arsonist.

Brave because you boldly ignore the usual Churchill quote in these matters: To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war

Some might say it's also brave to be decrying negotiation from the comfort of our living rooms whilst British soldiers are paying a very high price in Afghanistan, but I know how badly such sentiments go down around here, so I won't.


  1. Tremendous. That site is just amazing. On some fora you can say something intelligent and you have to wait four or five comments before some numbskull has a go at you for using big words, on BBBC that was the first reply to your post! 'Imbecile with a big dictionary,' indeed. Well done!

  2. It's really a big thesaurus. Don't tell...