Tuesday, 13 October 2009

One Man. One Gun. Twenty Thousand BBC Dead.

Cutting-edge social commentator Martin has come up with the plan which Labour and Conservative spokesmen have so far failed to deliver. Here, for a wider audience, the future of The BBC:

Well i have a solution.

Excellent. Top-slice the licence fee? Bigger role for Ofcom?

1 wall


20 thousand wooden posts

Outward bound courses?

Some willing riflemen


(I'd be up for it)

No surprise there, then. Anything you'll need as you fire away?

Some cigarettes

Okey-dokey. Still, as long as we preserve our democratic way of life...

Oh and after we've done the BBC we can do Westminster and then the Police and then local Government.

One man. One man alone, stood tall. For now, He Was The Law… And The Law Was Him.

Back on earth, what do you make of the news on Gordon Brown's expenses?

Of course one might ask why any politician needs a cleaner in the first place when they have a wife?

To clean the blood up when you get going, Martin?

Is the best use of MY taxes spent on cleaners for lazy politicians?

And don't forget their even lazier wives.


  1. I read this too.

    May I just say how disappointed I was to find that in Martin's proposed killing spree of BBC employees, the police, MPs and all branches of local government he didn't find the time to kill a single muslim terrorist.

    Tsk, tsk. Honestly, what is the world coming to?

    Homicidal sociopaths these days, eh? They're not what they used to be.

  2. Wonder if the good folks of BBC Northern Ireland will be asking David Vance whether his most prolific Biased BBC poster is right to fantasise about shooting them all dead? As he's on their local politics show on Thursday, they've got the ideal opportunity....

  3. Look at all you biased left wing New Labour fans appalled by the calling for public executions of public figures for disagreeing with a maniac with a turd fixation.


  4. Bugger. Add 'You should be ashamed of yourselves' for diagreeing with with a maniac with a turd fixation.

    Judging by my posts here you would be amazed to find I am internet literate. Must type slower...

  5. In fairness I have to agree with the wife remarks - she doesn't have a job, and why should we be paying for their cleaner anyway?

    (nothing sexist here - if it was Dennis I'd say the same thing)

  6. Well, I guess it's because if they need a second home, they probably have to be out of one or the other a lot of the time, and so can't clean it themselves, not being there and all.

  7. New headline:
    "Politician Does Something A Little sleazy And To Their Advantage".
    Big deal.
    And this is evidence of bias at the BBC because ... ?

    @OBME. Have you compiled a list of Martin's to-do list? Also, do we have a record of how many times Martin has advocated Murder and Genocide, and the targets of such actions. I'd like a bar chart please.

  8. ... Oh, and just for completeness, can we have a bar for mentions of turds?

  9. I prefer a scat-ter plot.