Monday, 30 November 2009

The Women Who Stare At The Men Who Stare At Goats

Men! Ever wondered why you are so unlucky with the opposite sex?

Biased BBC's Problem Page Boy Martin has once again cracked the secret of romantic happiness: Look after some cloven-hoofed creatures in Pakistan. And fake a low IQ.

Much romance follows. Apparently:

August 27th: Anyone else notice on the Beeboid 6PM news that boys were absent in any of the shots of "happy students" passing their GCSE's?

The beeboids did manage to give us a lingering shot of some Muslim females of course. Wow all those qualifications just to be married off to an inbred retard of a Goat herder in Pakistan.

August 28th: Why would the BBC bother to point out the growing Muslim problem? Beeboids love Muslims, especially the mad ones with the big bushy beards. And don't forget Islam according to the BBC is liberating for women.

More 14 year old girls to be sent off to Pakistan to be raped and married off to some thick Goat Herder.

October 26th: I wonder how many 14 year old Muslim girls are sent off to Pakistan each year to be raped and married to an inbred goat herder? Shami (Chakrabarti) never seems to be bothered about that.

November 30th: why doesn't the BBC bother to tell us about the 14 year old Muslim girls sent from shitholes like Bradford to be raped and married to thick inbred Goat herders in Pakistan?

Any thoughts on relations between Islam and the rest of us while you're on, Martin?

November 11th: WE are the tolerant ones, the bushy bearded idiots are not.

Quite so.


  1. Is it the case that only goat-minders benefit from these arrangements, or that Martin thinks everyone in Pakistan is actually employed in goat-farming? I think we should be told.

  2. conclusive proof he is a troll - he's repeated the same pointless stock lines on another thread too

  3. Anonymous: isn't it obvious? Everyone in Pakistan herds goats. Right up until they board the NuLiebour-controlled planes bringing them over here, at which point they turn gay and work for the BBC.

    I don't know why you can't see that. It must be because you're part of the conspiracy.

  4. Tarquin

    conclusive proof he is a troll

    Either that or he's an idiot.

  5. I am leaning towards the latter.

  6. I am utterly convinced of the latter.

  7. "shitholes like Bradford" but not Bradford? Right?

  8. .....and (I had to really!)

    "shitholes like Bradford" and Sparrows like bacon-rind.