Monday, 27 July 2009

War! What Is It Not Good For?

The humility of Biased BBC is a lesson to us all. Top Gun David Vance is far too modest to adopt
our proposal that his site be renamed Brave Biased BBC. He offers a history of recent events in Northern Ireland instead. Thus, an interactive university of the internet is born:


You write:
There was NO civil war in Northern Ireland for 30 years.

In all humility, l
et me rephrase that: A 30 year period in which paramilitaries waged war upon each other and their respective communities, and during which the British Army tried to keep the peace but ended up fighting a sustained guerilla war against the Provisional IRA.

And, just to emphasise:

We're all with you in your belief that ending this was a very bad thing and would set a very bad example to Afghanistan.

There was a sustained period of insurrection driven by the IRA.

Probably best not to mention the Loyalist paramilitaries. Good call.

Appeasing them was UK Government idea number one, and as you point out, since we rewarded the killers things are going swimmingly ...for the killers and thugs and terror godfathers.

Good grief. I had no idea it was like living in an episode of
The Wire. Perhaps we could arrange a whip-round to re-locate you somewhere else in the UK? Just call.

The BBC is quite entitled to put forward the views of Mr Milipede.

First rate. Milipede. Ha!

They are also required to provide balance to these. Please point to such?

Good point. I'm sure there'll be an Opposition spokesman along any time now.

You appear to swallow the concept of the "decent" Taliban. Good luck with that one

Excellent point. Should we send the boys in to Somalia, Yemen, the Congo and everywhere else where we disapprove of the locals? Sure the Army would be only too pleased!

it's almost as surreal as a balanced BBC.

I thought that's what we were after?

Update: The dialogue proceeds: a clearer understanding of the Irish Troubles.

The terrorist insurrection of the IRA came to an end when the Provos realised they were entirely compromised through effective UK intelligence

Best not to mention that the Army recognised that war against the Provos was also unwinnable in military terms. Wise move.

As someone who lost friends and had family injured by IRA terrorism I take exception to your last line in the second para.

Apologies. I hadn't realised that you were elected to speak for all victims of The Troubles. Did the Ulster population choose you for this before or after it had voted in overwhelming numbers for the very peace settlement you despise?

I have spent YEARS damning the "loyalist" scum in the UDA, UVF et al.

Just a slip of the keyboard that you only mentioned the Republicans above. Understand completely. No harm done.

You are way out of your depth here so I suggest the more humility you employ the better for you.

Have smeared myself in humble oils.

Moving on - am I right to suggest that UK parties now support Dr Doolittle in his quest to talk to the Taliban?

This just in from William Hague via BBC News:

But the Conservatives said there was nothing new in Mr Miliband's speech, saying dialogue between Kabul and parts of the Taliban had taken place for years.

"Shadow foreign secretary
William Hague said the UK must focus on clear objectives such as building up of the Afghan army and "ensuring that the gains won by British forces on the battlefield are swiftly followed by reconstruction".

That Hague! He needs bringing up to speed. Sharpish!

The dull beat of defeatism and retreat has been the signature tune of the political left on ANY efforts to destroy AQ and their Taliban pals since 9/11.

Makes you wonder why we bother!

There's more. But you'll have to go here and here....

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