Saturday, 19 September 2009

Is That A Missile In Your Pocket...

Among the most admirable things about Biased BBC and its chums is their honesty. Those quislings at al Beeb can mutter all the pleasantries they like about peace. Biased BBC, led by Ulster Iron Man David Vance, wants war. And lots of it.

The B-BBC collective is on a roll just now. Prophetess Cassandra demanded a Team America-style operation to kill every terrorist; Social Commentator Martin followed up with a plan to slit the throat of every Muslim.

Today Vance, in his Irish blog, is urging a Middle East war. Code Red, men. Lock And Load:

Here is what Iranian President and chief nutjob Ahmadinejad had to say yesterday about Israel…"This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end," he said in a speech broadcast live on state radio.

David, if anyone can spot a nutjob, it's you.

It is absolutely clear that the Mullahs seek to destroy Israel, this is their prime duty.

Could it not possibly be that they cover their own shortcomings with crowd-pleasing crap about the local bogeymen?

SO what should Israel do?

I have a feeling you're going to tell us, Generalissimo Vance...

Sit back and wait for annihilation?

Likely. No, really.

Or take the initiative and strike against this most evil of regimes?

Which would help with their hearts and minds problems in that region. No end.

We seem unable to learn the lessons of history, or perhaps unwilling.

Perfect point. From the man who thinks the Irish peace process was a terrible idea.

Nobody seriously seeks a war against Iran. But I think there is no alternative.

We want blood.

For a long time, I have advocated that Israel strikes hard against the Mullahs

Very brave of you. From your vantage point in leafy Northern Ireland.

and reduces their atomic dreams to glowing ashes.

Quite right. No messing about with knives, Martin. We want missiles. And nuclear stuff flying around.

Obama seems to have detached himself from Israel and so Netanyahu and his advisers have a very troublesome but stark choice. Sit back and wait for the coming storm from Iran OR take action now.

Got Netanyahu on the line. He was wavering, but you've stiffened his, wotsit, resolve.

It's now as rigid as the lump in your trousers.

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