Saturday, 25 July 2009

Subersion. It's Bad.

Charles Moore, triumphant from libelling the Muslim leader Muhammad Bari on a BBC programme, urges David Cameron to get tough with public sector workers. And Biased BBC veteran hippiepooter knows who'll be taken care of first....

"Critical observation Mr Moore," writes hippiepooter.

Seconded. With a 21-gun salute!

Unless Mr Cameron draws up a full battle plan and tackles head on the subersive left...

Submersive? Are the bastards hiding under water these days? No wonder Maggie mistrusted the Wets.

....who have turned BBC 'impartiality' into an abject travesty, he may well win the next election, but in the words of Norman Lamont, the Tories will be "in office, but not in power".

Depends whether he tells the electricity company he's moved in, I suppose. He should remember that messing with electricity when there's dampness around is risky!

I wrote to Mr Cameron recently that BBC bias isn't just meant to rig debate, in the brazen form it often takes against them by the likes of John Humphreys, it is meant to demean them.

That Cameron! He obviously hadn't noticed the demeaning-ness! Good of you to write to him.

Still, when you think he used to be a PR chief at Carlton TV, what
would he know about broadcasting?

If the Tories dont take action against it, and publicly call for the dismissal of brazenly biased BBC journalists like Humphreys, Naughtie and Paxman...

Show trials! That's what we want! Do you think Mr Justice Eadey is free?

... (after privately inviting their resignations, of course)...

Word in your ear, Hippie P: Do you really think they'd either be honourable enough - or clever enough - to take the hint and pick up the P45?

... the public might still nonetheless vote them in, but they wont respect them

Depends if they call next morning. But David seems the caring sort.

They'll just be a respite from the sheer awfulness and obscenity of Brown governance.

It is just awful, isn't it?

Mr Cameron, restore integrity to British Institutions - start by rescuing the BBC from the control of the subversive left. Defend Britain!

Sorry, there's a tear in my eye. May I salute you, sir?

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