Thursday, 16 July 2009

Fighting Fire With A Flamethrower

Breaking The Silence and Wiccan Thought For The Day in which Biased BBC takes a radical new step in proving the BBC is biased.

David Vance, can I just say how inspired this posting was.

Especially this bit:

The BBC elite hate the Christian religion and have reduced most "thoughts for the day" to mealy mouthed liberal platitudes but now it seems that is no longer tolerable!

This is quite brilliant. There's no evidence that the BBC says that Christian contributions are
no longer tolerable.

But you say it anyway!

All at one with
your mantra that bias exists by virtue of the licence fee and no other proof is necessary!

Just a little word of praise, too, for this post in which quotation marks give the impression that Biased BBC is quoting the BBC - at length - being horrible about Israel.

When Biased BBC's Sue made it all up herself!

I do feel we are moving into an exciting, pre-revolutionary phase when we no longer make any pretence that we are accurately quoting the BBC in order to prove its bias.

Sue and David are showing us that making stuff up is the perfect weapon when complaining about al-Beeb's failure to tell the truth.

Welcome to our Brave New World. And not a day too soon!

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