Friday, 24 July 2009

My Love Is Like A Tyre Iron

Robert S. McNamara, a sort of bellicose verbal tribute act to the late American politician, is an inspiration to fellow Biased BBC posters.

Currently, he's holed up at home behind barricaded windows, worried about the Government's reassurances on swine flu. Understandably, his syntax is fuzzy, but someone's going to get hurt.

With a tyre iron.

He intends to "smash in the skull of anything that tries to get in."

Robert likes to keep his tyre iron handy.

Another Biased-BBCer mentioned that the DJ Paul Gambaccini was "getting a lot of attention" in BBC coverage of Michael Jackson's death.

Robert S. swung into action: “I'd like to give him some attention. With a tyre iron.”

When he's not impersonating a dead Defense Secretary, perhaps he's a Kwik-Fit fitter?

More importantly, he's not a fan of the indie rock musician Pete Doherty. His only regret in passing up this year's Glastonbury was missing the chance for a chat with Pete :

“I wouldn't mind going just so I could shout abuse at that moon-faced, musically-illiterate junky who dresses like a gypsy from the seventies as he does an impression of a retard someone's given a guitar to for the first time/plays his set. Yeah, that might be worth the suffering. "

Still, whilst you're at your virtual rock festival, anything else you'd like to do? Catch Springsteen on the Pyramid Stage, perhaps?

"Better punch some hippy in the throat just to be on the safe side.”

Rock on, Robert. Still, you've got all that anger out of your system. Haven't you?

“According to the 15 seconds of BBC News I could stomach watching before I had to turn off or risk tearing my face off...”

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