Thursday, 30 July 2009

So What If He Stabbed Himself?

Not since OJ Simpson - not even McCartney vs. McCartney - has a court case gripped its audience quite like the way The Crown v.
Hassan Butt fascinates Biased BBC.

Forensic genius George R took us through its textual significance earlier. Now Biased BBC's muscular ex-Muslim pounce_uk kebabs the BBC for the terror-loving Islamo-fascist love-in that it is:

How often have you seen a bBC headline which shouts out racist hate crime.

How odd. Not a single one on the BBC UK main news page today. Must be a quiet day on the racist hate crime front.

Be it a muslim getting shouted at, having a stone thrown at her or even not having enough coloreds at the bBC.

Coloreds? Would pink be OK?

The bBC is always on hand to make sure that whitey knows that only he can be racist.

Like In The Heat Of The Night. Without Sidney Poitier's charisma.

Today the bBC reports on how a muslim terrorist wannbe who objected to how his dentist brother was nicked for trying to run over a police woman. He seems that Mr Hassen Butt resorted to racist behavior in which to express his displeasure.
So how does the bBC report this case?

Bit more grammatically, we hope:
Man convicted of 'redneck' abuse

Strange how the bBC which has no problem informing the world of any past indiscretions of white people conveniently leaves out Mr Butts terrorist past.

Bastards. What is it?

this: In which Greater Manchester Police provides statements he signed confessing that he made up his stories about being a Jihadi to make money from the press. Even stabbed himself in the shoulder to convince people he'd been attacked.

Could it be they object to the 'T' word.

Twit? Twat? Tool?

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