Friday, 24 July 2009

A Trip. Down Memory Lane. Man.

Biased BBC's Martin is an irrepressible social commentator.

And today, he's wisely contrasting filthy drug-ridden Britain with the sunny uplands of the United Kingdom, oooh, 40 years ago...

Lets be honest, he writes.

No other way, matey.

Most beeboids have no problem with the really hard drugs.

Look at Dimbleby. A smackhead if ever I saw one. And Kate Adie. And as for Jeremy Clarkson: WHAT IS HE ON?

Many beeboids have been caught taking drugs.

My local Assizes are full of them. Entire newsrooms. And don't mention makeup and wardrobe.

Why not go the same way with paedophiles as well?

Not sure giving them drugs is a good idea.

Lets legalise child abuse as we can't wipe it out.

I think that's called schools rugby in the UK. In Ireland they tried it with the Christian Brothers.

40 years of weak socialist liberal values has trashed our Country.

Yes, the decades before were full of wonderful stuff: Like The Moors Murders, rampant council corruption, the Profumo scandal, Suez.

Why can't we have all of that back again? Plus prefabs. And Reliant three-wheelers. And jumpers for goalposts.

We never had the massive drugs problems we do now 40 years ago.

For one thing, you could obtain heroin by prescription, because a succession of Governments not yet panicked by tabloids, thought that addiction was a medical problem, not a criminal one.

Perhaps you could sweep all of this into your
knife-crime legislation of - when was it? - oh, yes, yesterday.... and introduce castration for all and sundry?