Friday, 31 July 2009

Shouting At Americans Is Wrong

In the charge-sheet of the BBC's offences against the British citizen, one moment of shame is darker than all others. We refer, of course, to the sheer poison the BBC drips into national life with every episode of New Tricks. It might look like one long Werther's Original advert - old codgers getting under the feet of shiny new people and coming up trumps every time to solve crime. But it is treachery. And Nearly Oxfordian can barely keep his emotions in check.

Can someone who knows how to do it start a thread about the vile New Tricks, please?

Your wish is our command.

This has become a dramatised version of the worst mouth-foaming...

Amanda Redman? James Bolam? Surely not?

the worst mouth-foaming anti-American, unlimited Third World immigration stuff we see in the Guardian:

Oh....The Guardian. It doesn't get much worse.

(1) an American legally living in the UK is shouted at

That can't be right. There's a law against it, surely.

.... by the vile Amanda Redman

Some men pay good money for that sort of thing.

But how distressing all the same. Perhaps she thought he was Canadian? Like Neil Young... or Leonard Cohen?

...and told he is "a guest in this country and should behave himself"

Now you're having me on. The whole point of being a guest in someone else's country is that you behave. Like British teenagers in Malia. And stag parties in Prague.

(2) illegal Turkish immigrants are tipped...

Golden rule. Never tip anyone serving you in a kebab shop. They regard it as an insult. It's their culture.

illegal Turkish immigrants are tipped offed by the police (!)

Is tipped offed a Turkish phrase? Never come across it myself.

...and helped to disappear from Home Office detection.

Not sure I want Turkish illegals serving as detectives. They might confuse me by using phrases like tipped offed.

Utterly sick.

Up there with Lars von Trier. For sure.

On the other hand, Lars doesn't get Denis Waterman to sing his theme tunes. Which is why his films are usually better.


  1. Are you enjoying the latest entry - don't feed the trolls?

    apparently you are one...

  2. Good grief. I thought it was aimed at Nearly Oxfordian. He's clearly a trouble-maker....