Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Nazis? They Weren't Even Trying

Forget The Ring. Blair Witch. Even Friday the 13th.

There is something infinitely more terrible going on in your own life. And hundreds of household names are involved. Step forward Atlas Shrugged with the amazing news.
The BBC has always been far and above anything Goebbels could ever have mustered, even in his wildest dreams. That was then, as for now...

Goebbels got all of his best moves from the BBC. Pity for him, he did not learn his lessons well.

The BBC is not just good, very good, sublime, or extremely fantastic at the art and science of broadcasting black arts propaganda.

The BBC is the biggest, most well funded, most experienced, most long existent, all pervasive, provider of cruel and horrendously nasty lies and establishment directed dis-information, there has ever been during the entire history of mankind, BAR anybody or anything.
The BBC was several more times more effective then The Atom bomb was for The Americans, at creating murder and mayhem.
Shocking to discover this: Fiona Bruce always seemed so nice.
One other thing: Do I have to return my Blue Peter Badge?

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