Saturday, 25 July 2009

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

Craig has made a breakthrough in Biased BBC's eternal mission to demonstrate that al-Beeb (as it's known) is the broadcasting wing of Hamas. His latest wheeze is to list all of the headlines about Israel on BBC News and declare them all biased. Brilliant. Can we think of anywhere else with a chippy bunch of supporters?

Craig, I think you're onto something here.

I have a particular fondness for Liverpool and decided to put it, too, into the BBC News search. Guess what?

Fans revise Liverpool buy-out bid

Gerrard cleared after bar brawl

RCN neutral on assisted suicide

McCartney attends arts graduation

Celebration that ended in bar brawl

Driver badly hurt in gang attack

Council’s £200k fraudster jailed

Rivals unite for World Cup bid

Promontory fill to extend runways

New flights to Liverpool launched

Liverpool close to bank debt deal

MP’s pardon plea for jailed fan

Passengers stranded by derailment

Liverpool chase more Lancs games

Council confident on vacant shop

Missing mountain hiker found safe

Lennon’s first wife on life with John

It might have been European City of Culture last year, but it's just crime, sport, a rock band who split 40 years ago and exciting news on more ways to leave town in a hurry (though not by train).

Apart from the missing hiker (and he'd only been gone three teensy days) the only non-football, non-Beatle related good news story brought the delirious breakthrough of council confidence on a vacant shop.

Time for all Scousers to say:

Oi! Thommo!

I'm not paying your licence fee.


(I know what's coming next)

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