Friday, 31 July 2009

Aliens Want My Kidneys

Vintage Biased BBC wordsmith Cassandra takes his (or her) name from ancient myths, and is thus a source of quality who can be trusted. No worries at all that the ancient Cassandra was a prophetess doomed never to be believed.

Lately, (s)he's been recommending Jewish posters to pal up with the BNP, a party unfairly tarnished by the BBC and its hate-mongering allies as descended from antisemitic goons like the National Front. Of course they're not like that:

British Jews are perhaps the most productive and law abiding and loyal the British nation has ever absorbed, whereas the muslim hostile colonists are among the most disloyal,unproductive and lawless we have been forced to accept.The hard left islamist axis would be almost soley to blame for attacks (on Jews), the BNP is wholly supportive of the British Jews and Israel and the vast majority of Brits have a fondess for our Jewish kin.

Today, Cassandra turns his/her gaze on equally deep matters: Organ transplants.

Many parts of the world have ready access by the way of relatives and the trade in fake relatives is big business

I bought mine on eBay.

there is big money to be made getting sick people into the UK

It's called QueasyJet.

who then go straight from the airport to the hospital.

The M4: Ambulances nose-to-tail.

The BBC makes no mention of the number of non nationals awaiting transplants on the NHS and I winder why that is?


I also wonder why they only concetrate on those able to pay their way?I suspect that if the real figures were made availible there would be a scandal of epic proportions, foreigners never having contributed a penny able to push British nationals down the list, how many of our own have died while being psuhed down the queue?

Cassandra, can I ask a delicate question? Is there a vested interest here?

Exactly where are you on the remedial spelling queue?

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